Anonymous comment made by Stith and Greene’s crew member – Before Pittman was chief

This was the comment made by Stith and Greene’s firefighting crew anonymously toward us:

“Have ya stood on Mill St. and looked at your eyesore. Not the Troll idiot, your yard. The Fire Department..Griffy, you do realize that it is an all Volunteer Department right? V-O-L-U-N-T-E-E-R…That means if they are in town and hear the call, they respond. If not,you wait and wait and wait and wait.”

We considered this a threat plus the fact that Greene’s cousin threw firecrackers at our jeep and house and we had to call the police department.



Author: In the Know


Ok – I’ve heard a few things in regards to the fire dept…they used to do quite a few fund raisers and had money – but from what I heard the town took that money and used it, leaving them without (not sure how long ago that was), this is why the fire dept. stopped doing all their fund raisers, their money was taken any time it was raised. Makes sense huh? why should they do the work and someone else take it. I also heard – the town wanted to take money from the Festival/Entertain/Activity (or what ever they are called)commitee and use it toward the fire dept. They said UM NO WAY….do you blame them?!?! they work hard and raise their money.

Rob Peter to pay Paul much???

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