And the Thieving never stops until the Drugs cease to be in White Springs

This is my best weapon of defense, my hope is that this will help slow down some of this thievery. Please everyone be aware of what’s going on in town, when you ride by take a good look at your neighbors house or business and see if anything look awkward or out of place or anyone’s trying to sell you something that looks suspicious

They are more worried about a drunk driver than all the drugs in that little town. If I know who some of them are, then I know they know too! I‘m not talking about pot either! Joe you are right, I have been robbed three times in the last 10 years in White Springs and even then I have had little or no help and no convictions from the local police dept. Matter of fact I never even heard a thing back from them on any of these thefts.

I hope it never comes to an innocent tax payer getting killed or hurt by these idiots because the law doesn’t do it job

I have been burglarized several times over the years. What I have learned is that most of the time it’s not the people from White Springs but the people who moved to White Springs. Those of us who grew up here have more respect for each other. We were raised with morals and values and a sense of unity. Until all of the different types of people moved here we were a close nit community. Everyone knew everyone else or their parents or grandparents. We could sleep with the windows up and the doors unlocked but try that now and…… OMG!!!! Someone would probably be in the house with you. I can say this they have been investigating several break ins that occurred around the same time. Keep Calm, what’s done in the dark will come to light. They will get the people responsible.

Mr. Joe Griffin you are new to White Springs so you may not remember when we didn’t have a police department and the county had 2 sheriff’s deputies patrol here . Although Tim & Chico were great at their jobs , we still had to share them with Jennings & Bellville. 

As for the Sheriff taking over the White Springs Police duties we can have two deputy sheriffs, different shifts. covering the town 18 hours a day for $40,000 less than we currently pay for the in Town Police Department. These Deputies would be for White Springs only, not Jennings or Jasper

. You may think you know about crime in White Springs but I assure you, due to your father’s great work with the youth of our community, that you don’t have a clue. The Jasper News had an article in it today about Family Traditions being robbed. Even if you don’t know exactly who the perps are with all of this crime I’ll bet you a dollar to doughnut that you know

I know that you know, some have moved here and some have roots here. I know most of them personally and so do you. I think that being quiet and biding our time is what has gotten us on the A list for the best place to live in America would you agree with that? Silence isn’t always the best answer and neither is patience in some cases. I think a year qualifies for “long enough” for the local popo to get a handle on this matter. There are a lot of good people in White Springs that have had their hard earned possessions stolen in the last year or so and being told by the local popo to put field camera’s and such when they know damn well who is responsible and choose to sit on it.

 Who’s going to jail when one of these poor lil thieves get their brains blown out cause they were where they should not of been with their hands full of somebody else’s property. Or better yet when they start killing innocent people cause they were home when they decided it was time to hit that house.


And that is the next step, just like a drug their needs and confidence grows…………….. best to get a handle on it before it even gets as far as it has gotten now. People see but choose to be blind, look where it has gotten the town so far on many levels. We should not have to live like this under any circumstances.them personally. For the record I’ve lived here 15 years. Decent law abiding citizens, and me, are tired of it, the thefts I mean. Please do what you can to stop it please. 



I don’t have roots here, moved here in 1986. BUT the little town I was raised in in Mississippi was just like White Springs. Everyone knew everyone else. Parents taught their children to respect other peoples belongings. We were raised according to the Bible. Don’t spare the rod. Now children rule the households and tell the parents what to do. Like I said I may not have my roots from White Springs, but I consider it my Home Town and am proud to be a part of this small community.

It seems there is so many people hooked on pills and the homemade drugs and they don’t want to work for it, so it’s easier to steal from the ones that do work! I have been in or around White Springs for the most part of 40 years and there is a lot of criminals there. It’s nothing like it used to be and that is a shame. When I moved back from Texas I ask myself what the hell was I thinking! I wanted to finish raising my boys there and be close to my family, but that was not the best idea there ever was? Lol T, I hope they will find whoever took your things! Love you always my friend!

The house you posted about earlier today are the ones who have been doing most of the stealing & the break ins. They are Not from white springs. There’s one or two others that are tied in with them who are also involved I know one is from here but no sure about the other.

We have neighborhood watch but people never want to get involved and help. My dad always told me that if you are not a part of the solution then you are part of the problem. We as a community must come together as a whole and save our town. I say WE For Nicole Williams:

But they live in White Springs now Nicole and you are a center of influence in the Black Community. You could help stop it. You talk about coming together. I don’t see it when you yourself draw the line between you and someone who has lived in town for 15 years, that somehow you are better. You’re not better or worse than me, we’re just different in how we approach a problem. You and your ilk have begged me for 15 years to take it slow, don’t rock the boat, etc. and what has that behavior cost us as a town. 250% higher water bills than Jasper or Jennings and a bunch of crooks at Town Hall and the Police Department. Its apathy and no one has ever called me “apathetic.” I say get involved.

Stand up for equal treatment for all and a fair representative democracy for the whole town. Run these crooks out of town. I leave it up to you to decide whether you have the courage and guts to do it.because it will take all of us to rid of the rubbish invading our community.Am I the only one who thinks the speed limit is ridiculous? I understand some areas but come on!

First of all I am a pillar in the community period. Not just black. I don’t think I am better than anyone else. I was raised a Christian and I try and treat everyone with the same respect. Black White young or old. I do my part to help All of the youth of White Springs. I am the one who started Project H.O.P.E. I ran it successfully for 3 years before the city took it over. I used my church as the location used my money to purchase computers & games for the kids. I got books from South Hamilton to tutor the kids and my friends helped

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