Advice to our White Springs Councilors (Not you Mayor Helen)

After going through four hours and 15 minutes of a Council Meeting listening to the Council Members making excuses, not making decisions, and who are too afraid to say the wrong thing and offend people, THIS IS NOT WHY THE CITIZENS ELECTED YOU.

We do not have a Fire Department and the best Fire Department we ever had was eliminated because Stacy Tebo wished a weak leader like Stith to take care of his little Andrew Greene. I can tell that none of you have been an executive in business because frankly your decision making process would have had you terminated in minutes.  It is time you all stood up for the citizens and tell that Horrid Manager we have to put up with to eliminate Steve Stith and Andrew Greene and hire Kevin Pittman and the Brotherhood back.  This is not just my opinion but  the opinion of most of your citizens….but unlike Mayor Miller, you can’t make a decision somehow and as for Spencer and Tonja, you two have done nothing but be puppets of Bullard who was envious of Miller to begin with.  Get a grip.  We need Fire protection. and this is the easiest quickest change you can request as policy and the next time we look into our charter, make certain that the Council alone has the right to fire and supervise the Chief like what is written for the Police Department.  Stacy doesn’t care about White Springs and doesn’t do her job and that is a fact.


And when Mayor Miller left her reign as Mayor the Finances were certainly not as bad as what they are now and she had to come in with Townsend’s lack of Education as well as Pam Tomlinson’s.  But how devistating are our finances now after Rhett Bullard took over as Mayor and then he allowed his Puppet Spencer Lofton to take over as mayor?  We are virtually bankrupt with no operating expenses.  And everything is new, never sticking to a real budget because Tebo doesn’t know how to make one.  So what good is a Town Manager like Stacy Tebo who cannot give advice and financial information to the council month by month as she is expected to.  She fails at everything she is required to do.

Bullard and Lofton couldn’t read a finance statement if their lives depended on it and here we are four years later and we have no operating expense, no roadwork because they used all the LOFT funds to pay attorney expenses, including protecting Tebo against accusations she made against Miller and to protect Stacy from discrimination charges by Rivers.  For the first one, Citizens should not be paying for Tebo’s attorney expenses for her charges against an elected Council Member and in the second one, Pam Tomlinson was discriminatory against Rivers and Stacy Tebo just allowed that discrimination to continue and Tebo helped it along and finally fired Rivers with a weak reason.  In fact if you will recall, our smug CPA who was not so smug yesterday, blamed Rivers for not increasing a water rate which Rivers should not have been responsible for but our Finance Manager and Manager Tebo should have been responsible for.  I have never seen such a sick bunch of people in my life.   When  l lived in Sunny Isles Beach and Worked for Brown and Brown of Ft. Lauderdale, I thought the Condo Boards were bad and loved only those boards who were run by Attorneys.  But White Springs management and staff is worse than anything I could have experienced when working with Condo Insurance and people who were in business for the first time.  At least these condo unit owner board members took an interest in their residences whereas Tebo, Bullard and Lofton don’t care about the Citizens homes or benefits at least it seems so to me.   What have they done.  They write letters like Spencer, they negotiate when they should not be involved because Spencer does not understand business, insurance or finance and some of the things he has done with SHE are embarrassing to the rest of us.  Then good ole Spencer negotiates the Fire Agreement when he knows nothing about what he is doing and doesn’t realize that the Agreement will never be fulfilled and brags about his negotiations while treating our esteemed guests Commissioner Ogburn, Mr. Land and Louie Godwin like dirt.  Where is the sense in that.  you made us look stupid and by the way the County appreciated my comments in the Jasper News as well as Mayor Miller’s apologies on behalf of the Way they were treated, by phone.  In fact the Sheriff’s office stopped by to tell us.   That is why we have a Weak Mayor Form but we need a far better manager than the one we have who doesn’t know anything and is it that she is drug induced that she doesn’t remember what her MPA entailed?

Now we are stuck with a two year contract with Stacy Tebo commencing December 2018 and not ending until December 2020.  By the time her contract ends if someone doesn’t terminate her, White Springs definitely will be under the auspices of Hamilton County and we will no longer be an incorporated Town.  Thank you Rhett Bullard for saving the worst manager in the history of White Springs from being non-renewed in December 2019.


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