About Rhett’s Cousin, Robert Townsend


Joe was picked on for years because he brought forth information relative to Townsend and alleged pedophilia.  Now Townsend is Rhett Bullard’s cousin and the HCDA through Mary Bullard provided funds to the Town of White Springs for a business incubator so that her nephew Townsend would look good.  Unfortunately it was spent unwisely and was not an incubator at all.

Prior to Robert Townsend being hired as the Town Manager, Griffin and another citizen of White Springs provided the Council Members and the Town with Townsend’s background information.  Two applications were completed within a week of each other whereby Robert C. Townsend applied for positions with the Department of Corrections and to the Town of White Springs respectively.  In the first, Townsend admitted an alleged child molestation case when he was a deputy sheriff.  In the second application to the Town of White Springs there was no mention of the case.


Thomas J. Kennon III, Esquire had defended Robert Townsend in an alleged child molestation case when Townsend was a deputy sheriff.  With Judge Kennon as one of the Senior Circuit Court Judges, Robert Townsend’s case was dropped in spite of his being found guilty for child molestation in Clay County.  This 1990 case had been reported by the Lake City Reporter including the fact that Townsend was required by the courts to enter rehabilitation for a period of two years.

Townsend who then reportedly owed the Kennon Law Firm some $8000 for his defense was forced to file bankruptcy.  In spite of his previous record which did not exist to the Town of White Springs nor did the Council wish to hear of his past record, Townsend was appointed as the City Manager.  Thomas J. Kennon III, Esquire, then became the attorney for the Town of White Springs.


Townsend was involved in terminating the Fire Chief Mr. Peeler and taking funds of some $10,000 which the fire department earned through donations and events when money was required.  Because of bringing up Mr. Townsend’s background he was hostile toward Griffin and this hostility was extended by Attorney Kennon and later by  Attorney Fred Koberlein.


There was also an FDLE investigation on Robert Clayton “Bobby” Townsend in 2011-2012.. One of the accuser makes the allegation for EIGHT years ago prior to this report. That’s 2003/2004 .No telling how many he molested since then.

The point was that Joe Griffin was right about this scumbag and all of you who took “verbal shots at him” should now be ashamed.

On 7/6/2012, Special Agent (SA) Stephen D. Lieberman received an email from Acting Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Daniel J. Warren requesting that he contact him regarding a statement made to Keith Kameg about being sexually assaulted eight years ago.

On the same date, at approximately 2:00 PM, SA Lieberman called at the
number provided in the email and provided the following information to SA
Lieberman.  The former prisoner after he googled the name Robert C. Townsend, a former Town Manager of White Springs, FL, and read an article online that Townsend had resigned from the city office and was under investigation by FDLE decided to contact FDLE. The former prisoner was allegedly sexually assaulted by Townsend in 2004, while an inmate at the Hamilton County Correctional Facility.  He indicated he was not aware of the reason of FDLE’s investigation, but thought he would call FDLE to provide information about the assaults, in case it was something similar to what had happened to him. He stated that he was serving a prison sentence for conviction in 2003,when he was transferred to a work release program at the Hamilton County Correctional Facility (HCCF) in approximately February, 2004. This program, titled “Public Works Detail #3”,involved  other inmates being transported to the White Springs City Hall each weekday morning to do physical labor for the city. and the other inmates would depart the HCCF around 7:00 AM and arrived at the White Springs City Hall around 7:45 AM.


When Helen B. Miller was Mayor, after she was told of the FDLE investigation regarding the DOC, she asked for Mr. Townsend’s resignation but now we find he is not the only one in White Springs and this needs to stop.


FDLE had to drop their charges on Townsend because all evidence was removed by Andrew Greene.

Townsend was also a great liar like Rhett, his cousin.  Every time you hear him say something about Joe it is that Joe owed the Town so much money because of frivolous lawsuits which were not frivolous; however, it was Joe who paid back every cent of his lawsuits without having justice served.  But once a liar; always a liar and that is probably how Shirley Heath learned how to bend the truth.  Townsend was her favorite boss and they all (Pam Tomlinson, Shirley Heath and the officials) knew what he was doing.  Even Mayor McKire said “He may be a pedophile; but he is our pedophile”. This of course was before Helen Miller was elected Mayor, so she was unaware of what she was getting into.

Mary Lou Bullard should be so proud of her family.


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