A pig in a poke?

Remember when young Ms. Brown was pledged $200 toward her schooling by Spencer Lofton?  Well the interesting fact is that although he looked like this big man pledging his own money, when he doesn’t have a job, I thought interesting.  Yet, as it was, he was pledging the money from the Town, not himself, and that is where the money came from.  And was there council approval?  Nada

Well then I find it interesting that he stated he will be donating a pig to complement the free food at the May Day event.  Since he doesn’t have a job, and his wife supports the family, is this just another pig in a poke that the Town will end up paying for?   Well possibly, he can nab one of the Register’s pigs or possibly a pig off of someone’s farm.  Who knows with Lofton, he is all mouth and no show.


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