The RHATT Watch Day 26



The RHATT Watch

Day 26

Today is Monday, May 21st, Day 26 of the Rhatt Watch. The Rhatt-Race rematch!!  On May 10th, the newly elected White Springs Town Council held a workshop without Mindless Tonja, no loss there, to discuss funding for Summer programs.  Conspicuously absent again was the family of Red-face Ratt.  It looks like they continue to be too embarrassed and humiliated by his actions and behavior.  The Ratt was present, but he looked very sickly.  Red-face Ratt looked far worse than “Cousin” Bobby appeared prior to receiving his treatment.

The Council learned that no funds had been budgeted for Summer programs and that the Town, absent formal approval by the Council, had squandered its meager discretionary resources on frivolous lawsuits.  These litigious expenses are something for which the druggie Lapdog probably should be assigned a prison bed.  In essence, the Lapdog, with the consent of the Ratt and his flunkies, Mindless Tonja and Sellout Willie wasted so much of the Town’s funds in the previous Administration that now, White Springs has very limited flexibility in the eent of an emergency.  To make matters worse, Red-face Ratt zeroed in on the Contingency Budget.  InFlorida, every Municipality is required by Statute to maintain a Contingency Budget to be used in emergencies to prevent bankruptcy.  With hundreds of municipalities in the State and more than a century and a half of experience, the State of Florida has a pretty good idea what it takes to keep municipalities solvent.  But of course, The Ratt knows better.  The Red-face Ratt proposed dipping into the contingency Budget and pulling every penny of “potential” excess not required by Statute.  The Ratt wants to bring White Springs to the brink of bankruptcy.  Having no other business to discuss, Suck up Lofty raised the gavel in preparation for adjourning the Workshop.  Immediately the Ratt and his obedient Lapdog took up positions against the back wall, crouched low in a three point stance, and waiting the gavel to drop.  Bang!  The gavel hit the desk and the Ratt and the Lapdog were off and running.  Again the Ratt was able to keep his snout in front of the Lapdog.  The rematch goes to the Ratt.

After the Rhatt-Race, audience members were discussing the obvious sickly appearance of the Ratt.  It was suggested that the Ratt appeared to exhibit symptoms comparable to HIV/AIDS’ victims.  He should see a physician immediately.  It’s not clear what the Ratt has, but as a precaution, if you have had sexual relations with the Ratt in recent years, you should visit with your health care provider.  HIV and AIDS have a very long incubation period and are deadly, but there  are treatments available.  Try the Florida HIV/AIDS hotline 1 (800) 352-2437.  They provide information to assist you in locating testing and treatment services and physicians.

People ofWhite Springs, why do we have an individual like Red-face Ratt still in our municipal government?  How long will it be before the Ratt bankrupts White Springs?  Does everything in White Springs need to be destroyed first?  Why is the druggie Lapdog still here?  The Ratt, his Lapdog, his flunkies and a few of the “Cousins” deserve a few decades at an institution that provides clean beds and orange jump-suits.  And watch out for listening devices.  The Feds don’t need to physically wire anyone anymore.  The Ratt’s phone, your phone, any landline, computer, smart appliance and toys, as well as automotive technologies like On-Starr; all these and more, can be turned on remotely and used as listening devices.  The Feds can even determine what you’re discussing by listening to the vibration  on your window.  The Ratt is watching out for yours truly and no one else.  Be first!  Try the FBI in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.

Keep on dancing!  It’s Day 26 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!



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