The RHATT Watch Day 13

The RHATT Watch

Day 13


Today is Tuesday, May 8th, Day 13 of the Rhatt Watch.   In 1977 the Florida Legislature enacted a Statute providing for a severance tax on all phosphate rock removed from the soil or water of Florida after 1 July, 1977.  There have been several revisions to the statute since its original enactment.  Basically, it’s a tax to be used for efforts on the economic development of the county where the phosphate “severing” (i.e. mining) occurred.

In Hamilton County the proceeds of this tax (millions of dollars per year) are administered by the Hamilton County Development Authority; more appropriately, it should be called the “Hamilton County Nepotism Authority?.   This is a small click of political appointees, who met in secret, hide their activities and keep as much of the funds within the “cousins” as possible.  The Red-face Ratt is the Authority’s attorney.  He orchestrates the expenditures of the Authority’s funds to reward his family (his aunt, an appointee, got the Ratt hired by the Nepotism Authority; his “cousins”, and his cronies. )

The Red-face Ratt punishes everyone else. It is simple to do.  If a new business approaches the Authority for funds, it must use the Real-Estate Agency of one of the appointees.  Likewise, when they need a contractor, the applicant must use one of the Ratt’s or appointees’ ”cousins”.  As the Red-face Ratt says, “us cousins” gotta stick together.

The Authority is a disaster.  They can’t or won’t tell you how much severance tax funds have come to Hamilton County since the statute was enacted.  The Authority can’t or won’t tell you how and where these funds have been expended.  Take a look at Hamilton County! Where does anyone honestly believe that millions of dollars per year for the last forty years have gone for economic development and to create jobs? Does anyone really believe that a large portion of those funds haven’t been used to line the pockets of the Red-face Ratt, Authority appointees and their “cousins”?  If you are a believer, Red-face Ratt is ready to sell you a bridge to nowhere!!

Hamilton County is one of the poorest counties in Florida and has had millions of dollars of severance tax funds for four decades. What is it going to take to bring openness and honesty to the Hamilton County Nepotism Authority?  Where’s the oversight by Florida’s Legislative and Executive branches?  Red-face Ratt has plundered White Springs and the Authority for years and now he’s pillaging Jasper.  How much more fraud is needed in Hamilton County.  How much more toxic can the Red-face Ratt become?  Clearly the Authority lacks integrity!  If you have been involved in fraud, drugs, bribes and corruptions with the Red-face Ratt, in the last twenty years, OPEN YOUR EYES “cousins”.  If you don’t want to spend the next decade or longer in prison you need to get to someone you can trust; maybe the State’s Attorney.  If you don’t the Red-face Ratt will spin a story about you.  You don’t have the benefit of time anymore.  And, for officials who should be watching over this, you are either part of the solution, or you are wallowing in the slime with the rest of the “cousins”.

Governor Scott these are your appointees.  When will you clean house?  It’s the only way! And Florida’s Legislature, when are you going to provide some real oversight?  Millions of dollars per year for four decades for economic development and job creation in Hamilton County; it’s a joke!! A young kid in Junior Achievement could do a better job…. must be too many Red-face Ratt “cousins” or cronies.  When will law enforcement (any level) undertake thorough investigations of Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog, “cousins “ and other flunkies”   When will the State’s Attorney stop waiting for a report and take some action regarding Red-face Ratt  Or, will Red-face Ratt and his Lapdog flee first?  Every prison in the State is saving a bed for Red-face Ratt.  And who will Red-face Ratt bring down with him? (BTW: investigative reporters were back in Town again.  Everyone’s waiting to see the exposé – maybe the Ratt on a perp-walk.)

Be watchful.  It’s Day 13 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues.

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