Karin’s response to poor Mr. Brazil who feels he has been bullied when he is the Bully

Thomas W. Brazil

Why I previously called Joe a bully. The following e-mail string (printed below) started with Joe suggesting to my wife I read another of his case law cites. Now Joe has my e-mail address to contact me personally, but he chose not to do that he reached out through my wife. It degraded to Joe suggesting “Why don’t you just quit contributing to the White Springs Journal before it really gets nasty” which certainly sounds threatening to me. Apparently anyone who disagrees with Joe is not welcome on this local beacon of truth BLOG, and first Amendment freedom of speech to comment be damned. So to avoid the threat of “it really getting nasty” I will simply continue my research and leave Joe to spread his versions of the truth for awhile and see how White Springs improves. Ta Ta For Now.
Thomas W. Brazil



I don’t blame Joe for being frustrated because if one reads your articles regarding the Town, you apparently do not realize nor do you really do the research to understand such things as our Weak Mayor form of Government as compared to Williams Strong Mayor (No Town Manager) form of Government.  You have found it free to come after me for my opinions regularly and you completely tried to desecrate Joe’s letter to the Council.

You infer that Joe’s diplomas are not real; like as if he would have to provide transcripts to make them believable, but all you would have to do is contact the School and they would tell you whether they were valid or not and we thought you did that.He doesn’t have to fake his credentials and you didn’t even do the research on what you called “Certificates” which is upon completion considered master’s degrees from the American Institute/College. But oh No you would rather use threats against Joe with your so called opinion which we both are sick of.  Joe doesn’t have to lie about his diplomas and in fact the Town checked each diploma out in 2014-2015 and said only his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry was wrong because they went to FTU, which the FTU Joe went to school at, is now UCF and they will verify that information to you.  I unfortunately filled out the application in 2014 and much of the information that had been included was used by the state against us when White Springs tried imprisoning us.  So if I am a bit touchy about the situation, so be it.  Just keep up your investigation and like you told Joe, maybe you can find some secrets, but Joe has none and he is an open book.

You are not anyone who has the right to judge us and you are not part of the council which makes the decisions, whether they like us or not, because they know us well.  Those not in White Springs respect what we have to say.  And even though you can’t seem to understand that White Springs under the Weak Mayor form of Government needs an employee/Town Manager NOT a consultant because the consultant technically may not make any decisions, handle money etc like in Ft. White.  That Consultant in Ft. White must bring all information to the Mayor for decisions, as a Clerk since there is no Town Manager, for decisions.  Furthermore, the only decisions that Consultant may make is handling public records, and Attorney Koberlein made him responsible in that any mistake that constitutes a suit is the Consultant’s.  These two things you keep arguing about are apples and oranges and if you want a simplified explanation that is not Joe’s then perhaps you should start with the Florida League of Cities site.

Now back to the application, I warned Joe that if he would apply for the position, we personally would have problems because I did not wish for him to apply this year.  His answer was that “The Town wouldn’t hire me anyway” and I wanted the Town forced to make a decision, so I applied to force it.  And he assured that because he did not include his diplomas or any other military information because the Council members already know.  Now insofar as anything he had with the military standing that has already been explained.  As a Public Affairs Officer, he would have had to have been decorated to be in front of TV and other media.  However, the CO treated him and his men poorly and when Joe attempted to get it straightened out, the CO said he couldn’t talk to him because of his decorations and Joe stopped the vehicle on the Golden Gate Bridge, took them off and threw them in the ocean.  The CO who was black and given his position to test how African Americans who were educated could fit in high positions had then a further problem and everything was removed. Everyone in White Springs knows the story but it was me who inadvertently  placed information into his application which caused the problem.  Joe doesn’t lie but you try to contradict everything we do or say.  We do not need your approval and since I was totally upset with what you were doing, since I suffer from PTSD since that Town issue, Joe tried to calm me down and subsequently, told you what he did in that email.

He is no more a bully than you seem to be.  You have to make little comments on everything and insofar as having Tommie hire the Fire Department, we had fought for so long and the Charter states that not only do we need a Town Manager but the Council is responsible for having a Fire Department.  As such since the Council told Stacy Tebo we need a fire department, she went against the Council’s wishes and it may not have been cool but if they would have waited for Tebo to leave, the Council could have gotten rid of Preuter by reason there were no firefighters on the list.  So, instead Walter McKenzie gets involved anyway to assist Tommie in getting rid of Preuter and thus we have a suit.  Nice!!  And who would sue Tommie; he has no insurance with Countyline Design.

The information I placed on the blog shows how in favor you have been with Mr. Jones, but I remember after Preuter was hired, you gave a speech at the council, apparently afraid to state your real opinion by stating that we should get our old firefighters back with Kevin Pittman as the chief.  Now each of us stated our opinions, but you spoke so non-committal that it almost made me sick, especially since your Son is one of the greatest people in White Springs who has helped a great number of people, including breaking ranks by helping people, when Stith initially did not show up.

You have your free speech, but if you keep cutting us down while feeling you are of no fault, and it’s not okay to send Curry vs State about a suit regarding public records to your Wife, who Joe has never cut down but was upset that it appeared that Tommie was lying about her, but of course it is okay to cut Joe’s wife down because I, Karin, deserve to be cut down because Joe and I are a couple and I have no such rights as a woman and you have dismissed me before.  Anything a woman may say should be ignored in your eyes.  We do research on everything and Tommie lied to Joe, when Joe asked Tommie why did Tommie tell the council that Harold Emrich was applying as a “Consultant”.  Right away it was Bev’s fault….Didn’t you tell me that he didn’t have an application so that he was a Consultant”  No answer.  Now Joe and I share an office so I hear things because I am not deaf but obviously you have selective hearing and Joe thinks very highly of Beverly and the comment about not adhering to public records was for you because you keep bashing Joe for securing these records.

Until Tommie Jones is no longer a Town Manager, we will order public records, because he has a habit of lying and we want to know the truth.  He owes that to the Citizens.  I have heard Joe speak to your wife and it is with utmost respect, so I  don’t know what your problem is.

You are the Bully.  You cannot be wrong and if someone tells you are you get very agitated.  I just wish you would actually read the laws and understand them.  Just like the 3 day notice of a meeting.  Obviously you did not listen to our attorney at the last monthly meeting in April who specifically stated it is seven days notice…but that is not something Tommie can’t possibly do and that is why I had hoped you would have read the Article about Martha Butler resigning.

Martha Butler is an experienced person and was a great manager for Jennings.  However, Jennings is like White Springs, a Weak Mayor form of Government so she was the CEO and in Charge.  You will note that she was very happy with working with the Mayor and Vice Mayor but there were  three councilors who went rogue.  They were upset with her decision to terminate the employment of a couple of employees.  Then they called a special meeting which is only to be called in an emergency and their Town attorney stated that someone being fired was not construed a “special meeting” as there was no emergency such as hurricanes, floods, etc.   These three councilors did not listen, they had their meeting, with no recording, with no public outside of the Sunshine.  And that is why Joe does not believe you have any determination to follow the law or that possibly you do not understand what you read.  All you wish to do is bash someone.

Oh and by the way, trying to make people feel sorry for you by your last diatribe that Joe is so threatening, isn’t that another factor of a Narcissist….trying to let everyone you were a victim of the mean bully Joe Griffin.  Get a clue.  Everything you have called Joe and I are actual characteristics of you.  It is too bad that you feel you can judge others but the same thing does not apply to you.  Just keep thinking how great you are.

Now it is amazing how you can cut us down before bringing facts on the blog when those not living in the town especially agree with us and have told us so.  I am thankful Helen Miller at least looks into things whereas you, who are not a decision maker, doesn’t look at anything or cannot understand what you read. You pick on Joe for not providing information on an application when your buddy Tommie didn’t even fill out an application.

You started this nonconstructive diatribe and Joe has the right to protect his wife as you have yours…but Joe, to his knowledge has never said anything derogatory to your wife, he thinks she is great and told even Mr. Emrich so.  His comments have always been directed to Tommie and now to you because you can’t seem to understand what you read.  That is not our problem so quit bullying us and we will stop bullying you, if you decide to finally decipher the truth about what you read.

Karin for the blog

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