The Town is financially secure but cannot afford funding for It’s about my Efforts Summer Arts Program and Sports camp?

Strong Foundation, It’s About My Efforts

When Bea Coker  (Be Faithful) stopped by our home during the May Day event, she spoke about “It’s about my Efforts”.   It is something Nicole Williams also wished for the children of this town, to be involved with the “Arts”.   Although such summer programs, especially relating to supplies are somewhat expensive, it would give children an opportunity to understand what is in the world outside of White Springs and what they may be able to achieve on their own.

I was asked to assist in the program and I would love to except for the time being, I am not allowed for at least 4 weeks to drive; 6 because of my right hip replacement, nor could I at this time.  But I would love to help.   What amazes me is that we have money for whatever Rhett or Stacy want, and our CPA Ken Daniels states we are financially strong, but we cannot help the organization with funding for the summer arts program.   Furthermore, the council discussed helping the organizations finding the funding but the town could not contribute themselves.  Now if you ridiculous jealous of Helen Miller council members would have left her alone, she could have probably helped with this program in a heartbeat.  But you treat her as if she is a second class citizen and that has to stop because we the Citizens believe in her and not in Rhett’s, Lofty’s or Tonja’s decisions.

Clarence Strong, of the Strong Foundation, requested help to provide a sports camp at the Willie Guy Turner Park in July.

 Jessie R. Box is a great reporter for the Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News and Mayo Free Press. I have never so enjoyed the Jasper News as I do now!
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