In my opinion Rhett and Tonja wronged Walter

I certainly did not understand what happened this election when Spencer Lofton was voted in Mayor.  Mr. Lofton never had the experience of what has been happening in White Springs.  In fact he has not ever attended a meeting since he was forced to quit the council last time.

Walter McKenzie and we Griffins have never been friends by reason that we believe Walter has some great angst against Joe for the manner in which Joe takes his fights for rights to the next level of turrets at times.   And, we hope that lately with all the corruption, Mr. McKenzie may see fit to understand our frustrations and to continue fighting for the rights of all of us.

Yet, I feel Walter McKenzie after serving on the council for these numbers of years (possibly 20), whether right or wrong, whether you hate him or love him, should have been nominated Mayor of White Springs.  Mr. McKenzie, the former vice mayor, not only carries a weekly column in the Jasper News, but has served this community with his wife Merri in various capacities such as but not limited to the Folk Festival, the quilt trail, Stephen Foster Park etc.   He has been the voice of the council for a very long time.  And even our Dog dino likes Rarebit.  And although we would have preferred Helen Miller to be the Mayor again, both she and Rhett Bullard declined the nominations and Helen nominated Walter..

This is a  disservice by the yo yo’s of the council but one could not expect anything different because when Walter McKenzie speaks at council meetings or questions someone like Steve Stith as to why we do not have firefighters who live closer, Rhett Bullard has had the habit of cutting him off.

He has fought for Helen Miller’s rights and I give him credit for that.  And he has fought for our firefighters.


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