Yu speaks up on Tebo text messages

Should have backed it up a little farther so you can get the text messages Stacy Tebo sent former fire chief pittman calling him stupid and saying this idiot doesn’t know how to tell time. Stacy tebo thought she was sending them to her boyfriend but somehow in her, did not realize that she was not sending them to her boyfriend but instead to pittman who yes she was talking about..



Karin’s comment:

I don’t know you feel but I think Stacy has no respect for those who work under her.  Stupid are some of the councilors; Stupid is the manner in which she feels she is superior.  There was nothing stupid about any one of the firefighters including Pittman.  Without Mr. Pittman, Michael Harris would not have a building; without Mr. Pittman, we would not have had such great certified firefighters.  I’d like to see her try to get a certification and fight fire.  She has no appreciation for anyone and doesn’t realize she may have a Masters but that doesn’t assist her when she has no common horse sense as my dad would say..

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