Without Rhett to protect her, Stacy Tebo needs to do her job!

First of all, the following is my expressed opinion and not that of any elected official or staff member, but I believe the Town would be better served if  Stacy Tebo’s contract was terminated for “good cause”.   


With Stacy Tebo, a written employment contract is involved which makes it more difficult to be rid of her unless she is terminated for “good cause”.  And Rhett Bullard and his “Gang” protected Ms. Tebo every step of the way, attacking only two councilors Miller and McKenzie, if they dared to question what Tebo did.

The exact meaning of good cause varies by State but generally it means what it says: You must have a “good,” meaning legitimate, reason for firing the employee. Usually that means the termination must be based on reasons related to the Town’s needs and goals. Yet, since Stacy Tebo position is similar to that of a CEO in a business, she is the one who must adhere to the needs of the citizens and the goals of the Town Council.  Yet our Town Council has no goals (Which now may change) and she definitely when siding with the “Gang” has not met the needs of the citizens.

Normally with an express written contract with an employee , you must follow what the contract says in order to terminate an employee. Unfortunately the Contract instituted for our Town Managers does not list the reasons for which an employee can be fired.  And the Charter stipulates that 4/5ths of the Councilors must vote in order to invoke her termination.

Even though a contract employee can be terminated for “Good” cause  Two out of five councilors (Lofton and Brown) today will continually protect her (Tebo) even though Ms. Tebo would receive a wonderful thirteen weeks severance; which by the way Councilor Miller helped get approved with the balance of the councilors at Tebo’s inception.  Contrary to Ms. Tebo’s obvious hate for Miller, Miller never did anything to her whatsoever and Tebo’s statements of Miller “attacking” her at meetings, just was not so.  Therefore, it must be the “Gang” who disparaged Miller’s name. 

For the average person, by 13 weeks, they would definitely find another suitable job in this economy.  But in Tebo’s case it will probably take a longer period than thirteen weeks for her to find a job, if any.   So the biggest problem is that Tebo will sue anyone and everyone, even though she was not wrongfully terminated and was fired for “Good Cause”  Any future employer would also look at her sue crazy personality and decide she is not worth the chance.

Now you have looked at her duties on the blog and you can see where Tebo either needs to shape up or ship out.

Examples of good cause include the following:

  • poor job performance  YES
  • refusal to follow instructions  YES
  • habitual tardiness   YES
  • excessive absences from work   YES
  • possession of a weapon at work   NO
  • threats of violence   NO BUT NEEDS ANGER MANAGEMENT
  • violating company rules    YES
  • stealing or other criminal activity   YES AND NO 
  • dishonesty    YES
  • endangering health and safety  YES – NO POLICE OR FIRE DEPARTMENTS
  • harassing coworkers   NO SHE ALLOWS OTHERS TO HARASS
  • disrupting the work environment   YES AND NO
  • preventing coworkers from doing their jobs, and   YES AND NO
  • insubordination.   YES DEFINITELY

This Town, including Helen Miller has more than fairly treated Ms. Tebo in spite of what she has done to certain citizens, employees and councilors.  This obligation to treat Ms. Tebo Fairly in spite of her (Tebo’s) disregard to treat anyone else fairly is called the “Covenant of good faith and fair dealing”.Although this rule might seem like a gaping hole in any employer’s ability to terminate employees, it really isn’t. To breach this obligation, employers have to engage in very egregious conduct, such as:

  • firing employees just before their retirement benefits vest, or
  • fabricating evidence of poor performance to justify firing the employee.

But with Brown and Lofton protecting Tebo, she will not have a worry because neither one of them would vote with the other three councilors. 

Well Stacy is not retiring and one doesn’t have to fabricate evidence of poor performance because it can be proven easily, but since she shows such disrespect for Helen Miller and ignores Walter McKenzie, with a new council member in place, I believe it is time Ms. Tebo does her job and treat all on the council with respect as well as respect for the citizens.  Bullard is no longer on the council to protect her and Miller and McKenzie have been more than kind and considerate to Tebo in spite of the fact that she may be taking illegal drugs while at work.  So there you have it.   What to do about Stacy?  But unfortunately it is not my taxpayer money alone but everyone’s so if you all are unhappy, you need to tell the Council how you feel or tell her directly at a Council Meeting.  She needs to serve and communicate with you and she’s not done a lot of that.



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