White Springs great concession – What a joke!!!

White Springs is comprised of many older individuals where a Life or Health Event could mean permanent disability or even death.  Yet when Hamilton County provided us with their EMS service, White Springs did not consider the Life Savings Emergency Services Hamilton County brought to the Residents of White Springs.  The Comments made by our Fire Chief and Councilman Bullard at the time was a complaint that Hamilton County EMS was using electricity because they found all the lights on in the Fire Station.  There was no investigation as to why the lights were on or who possibly other than an EMT may have placed all the lights on.

When Mayor Lofton said that there was negotiations which brought forth the new contract, White Springs only concession to Hamilton County was to provide in writingFor the duration that the County desires to staff EMS in White Springs, County may use Town’s Fire Station free of charge.’

The use of our fire station is a small commitment on the part of White Springs for what a wonderful service Hamilton County has provided our area and it disappoints me greatly how infinitesimal the  officials complaints are when compared to our  safety.

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