Rhett not running or accepting the Mayor’s post was a huge surprise. So much so that it has lead to conjecture of what’s up by many residents including me.

Here is the most predominate theory.

Rhett is feeling the heat over the Ethics complaint and the USDA probe into the illegal use of the fire truck by Andrew. He has heard from the Ethics Board and or the USDA people on this subject. Now it could be that it is only the Ethics Board breathing down his neck so there are lots of complaints to be looked at.

Anyhow, he needs to lower his profile because a finding of guilt by the Ethics Board gets reported to the Florida Bar Association immediately. How does a Mayor take on a lower profile? He quits that’s how. Maybe he got a tip from a member of the Ethics Board. We’ll know for sure at next months council meeting. If Rhett resigns as a Town Council person in order to avoid an Ethics Complaint finding. We’ll know for sure. As I said it is all conjecture.

Here’s what we think was the plan that got blown out of the Water when Willie lost. Rhett was going to in effect resign as Mayor leaving Lofton to be Mayor. Willie (if he had won), Tonja and Spencer would  have been the new Gang of Three since Rhett would no longer be on the mayor’s Chair and, if I am right about him resigning from the council itself, at the next council meeting. Then if the Ethics Committee took away his Mayorship he would have already done it, already quit thereby making the penalty Moot. No telling what goes on in Rhett’s morally deviant mind.

But here is what we know for sure. #1 is that Rhett never does anything that he doesn’t have a way out of, someone else to blame. #2 Rhett here to before has always supported Stacy and thus Pam but if #1  is true that may no longer be the case. #3 The plan called for the three of them, Rhett, Stacy and Pam, to use town funds to hire an attorney in the darkness to defend them from the apparently sure to come Ethics Panel. My wife has asked for proof of this third point via 119 Request today.

The USDA complaint about the Child Bride using a government vehicle for personal use is really simple. It is illegal and we agreed, to get the money for the fire brush truck or SUV, that we would use the truck for official business only. Andrew’s use of the truck to go back and forth to work is not official business since he has,  it is believed, only done one call out using the truck from his home in Lake City. Not exactly necessary.

One more point, Let’s say that with Rhett, deviant that he is, wants to be out of the line of fire. Let’s further say that Spenser wasn’t  joking when he talked about his experience as a Manager. If all of that is true then maybe they are grooming Spenser to be the Town Manager and Stacy to take over the Town Clerk’s position allowing Pam to retire with honor. But that would require that Rhett’s seat is filled by Arthur Nateal or some other dupe to keep the gang of three in tact. That leaves Rhett available to be town attorney if we fire Hatton who is dumb as a stump about Civil Law anyway. Everyone keeps their job and White Springs remains under Rhett’s control. A perfect solution. All they have to do is wait until Spencer expresses an interest  in being town manager, gets hired as such and votes Arthur in just before quitting to be town manager.  It all fits but it is all conjecture.

Who knows. It is all conjecture but the three points are all true and this is a way how they fit together. Spencer is so dumb that he has taken ahold of the Captains hat for a sinking ship. Too bad for him. All of this is because Willie lost and Helen won. What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. I still can’t figure out what is so wrong with following the law.

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