What transpired at the Workshop on April 9, 2019

Patrick DeAngelo of FLORIDA RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION (FRWC) provided information at the April 9th Workshop which commenced at 6:00 PM.

The information previously placed on the blog seemed to refer to Water only, but this Asset Management program is associated with and part of  our Wastewater Revitalization engineered by  Mittauer & Associates.  Of the $3,628,950, White Springs will be responsible for $798,396 which will be paid within 30 years in semi-annual payments of $13,306 starting  September 15, 2020.


FRWC will assist our Town with such items as Work orders, any Changes as are required with Time, Maps, conditions of our Assets and analysis of life expectancies as well as managing our Assets from a financial basis to assure that all money is spent on the projects required. Also provided will be the automatic flushing system , an energy audit on Lights, Pumps and motors, tests as to the performance and cost of each and whether a replacement with newer models would save  time and money.


Tim Banks said that he believed the project would be a year from start to finish with three to four months working hours.


Councilwoman Miller stated that the decision  to enter into the contract should be stayed for another month by reason that the newly elected  councilors in our April 23rd election would have opportunity to be involved in the project.  If the current council made the decision today, it would mean the newly elected council members would be stuck with a project they themselves are not familiar with or had no decisions in the matter.  Councilwoman Miller also advised that it is time that the Town stops removing $40,000 or $50,000 from the Enterprise (Sewer and Water) Fund yearly for use in the General Fund.  Last but not least, she indicated that the Town Council should be involved in the decision making rather than our Town Manager.
Likewise there is concerned about FRWA suggesting an 11% water and sewer increase, which may be too substantial for our citizens to bear.  A further workshop request may be required to provide information for unanswered questions.
We need someone to handle this project and the money because time has proven since Ms. Tebo has been Town Manager, money not only has been misspent but has gone down the drain for no public purpose, other than to protect Tebo from her illicit decisions.

Of course later on the agenda the Town Council voted to not put the FRWA off for another month with a 3-2 Passage. (Councilors McKenzie and Miller with nays)


Karin for the blog

P.S.   Apparently Arthur Natteal  slithered mid-meeting but did not attend the workshop.

Workshop on Tuesday to discuss Water Proposed Improvements and Associated Rate Efficiency

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