For 18 years, that’s longer than I can remember, I have tried to get someone, anyone, of the ruling class to sit down with me and now Karin to discuss what is wrong with White Springs. Not a week goes by that we don’t find something ethically, morally or legally wrong with how White Springs does business, We keep hiring people who are as ethically corrupt as the town is and yet no one wants to put their “BIG BOY PANTS” on and talk to us.

The problem has been made out to be our problem, Karin and I, but the problem is from elected officials and appointed officials who would rather decry us instead of having a sit down discussion of what we see as wrong with the ruling of White Springs. Well, we’ve forced out another town official and yet it is still our fault. No mention is made by anyone with any power to discuss with us our “difficulties”. For 18 years we’ve been wrong. How can that be? It can’t be. Now the State Ethics commission is on the case and hopefully that will solve some of the problems. But if you, you know who you are, sit down and talk to us and you will possibly realize the Ethics complaints wouldn’t have been necessary.

Someday soon, it is hoped, the Ethics Panel will see that we, Karin and I, are not giving up. Short of winning the Lottery we will be living in White Springs for years to come. Why not, Spencer, talk to  us. Or are you too HURT by what was said about you in the campaign to do suck it up and do something. I am sure that you want us to moderate our criticisms of the town but that isn’t going to happen. Not as long as the professional and elected officials keep doing what they have been doing for at least 18 years.

Be a MAN if you can be. Suck it up. QUIT BEING A RACIST. Call a meeting where we can discuss, meaning the Council members talk, what the present difficulties are. But I suspect you are not a MAN and will not try to talk with us, either personally or as a Council. I assure you that the problems we highlight on this Blog are real. BE A  MAN. SOLVE THE PROBLEMS WITHOUT DEIGRATING US. For 18 years we have been run by Children or by people with the maturity of children. Step up to the plate Spencer. Who raised hell over Stacy being a drug addict, not us but Stacy herself. We were and are not wrong.

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