What I was getting at regarding the May Day festival

This in essence is what I was getting at in my “Special Events” article.

I guess I do not know who runs the May Day Event and our total involvement has been to provide donations in the past when Kenny Hutcherson was healthy and handling the event.  Yet I feel the dilemma of contracts and insurance and holding the Town Harmless comes to one thing.  Why can’t the May Day Event Board become volunteers of White Springs and why can’t the event be White Spring’s event like the Azalea festival.

The way in which it is now it seems like the Whites are segregated for the Azalea festival and the Blacks for the May Day Festival.  We should all come together as a unit, or as one group under one Town because to do so otherwise just seems silly.

Let’s face it, when Tom Moore handled the Azalea Festival it was successful;  there were people everywhere, in the park, in the back of the Adams general Store, people walking the streets to the Hardware Store where there were several concessions at the Swap meet.  It was fun, but no per Page Bullard our president of the Special events, we barely broke even.  That is not a success to me.  As I wrote about festivals previously, one needs participation in order to  draw people and I gave many suggestions, all of which have been ignored because obviously, the officials feel I have nothing to offer.  I was involved in festivals for several years and even in my home town of less than six hundred people, the Festival  (Meet your Neighbor day) brings in people from everywhere, class reunions, and partying for two days where much money is earned from many of the items I listed previously).  The streets are so packed it is hard to see everyone.  But that does not happen here and having lived in the West and Midwest, I cannot still believe segregation exists among some of the people in White Springs.

May Day could include much of the African-American culture, perhaps some skits, singing, etc which everyone could enjoy.  The only thing which I believe was very wrong was the fact that the areas past the railroad track have insufficient lighting.   This giving to one group and not another has to cease and desist.

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