The meeting opened with Spencer saying the Prayer and it went downhill from there.

Spencer contended that a two – two tie in the vote would automatically make him Mayor again.

For thirty minutes he, Spencer, threw a hissy fit when Council Members who are smarter than he is told him he was wrong. That  a Majority of the Council must recognize his right to the Mayorship. Finally the Town Attorney, Karen Hatton weighed in and he didn’t believe her either.

When I was a child growing up on a farm outside  of Hinesville, Georgia there was a couple of old Racists down the dirt road. In the summer, for something to do, I’d often trek down to their house just to listen to the stories. Well never did I expect to see and hear a Black Man who was so jealous of his position as the HNIG. It was right out of the story books that the old racists told with such abandon. Now that I am older and wiser I realized that Black Folks want to have a fair and level playing field just like the Reverend Dr. King wished for America. Spencer proved me wrong tonight. And I have lived my life accordingly. Spencer doesn’t believe in a fair playing field. He wants special consideration for who he thinks he is.

Who he is a child masquerading as an ADULT. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HIM TONIGHT. He was everything the old racists said he was and then some. It’s not that he is a racist believing that he and other Blacks are superior he has anointed himself as Lord and protector of all White Springs black population, most of whom think he is a child playing at being Mayor.

He consistently breaks into others speech patterns when he judges that they have said enough truth to allow him to once again speak his drivel. He chooses not to call Municipal laws on free speech to even be heard. He is a one man dictator, accountable only to himself and his desires.

Well I for one will NOT sit down for a dictator. You will treat me with respect that I am sure I deserve. The old racist’s were right. Give a Black man a whistle and watch him blow it, just  like a child with an old toy. Spencer, if he as in a majority of Blacks there would be another era like the 60’s all over again. To all of the White Folk who voted for Lofton to not tolerate his behavior. He isn’t required to sit down and shut up but he is REQUIRED to have all views of a matter fair play. The HNIC thinks his is the only view and that all other views are secondary.



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