We have the Worst Town Manager in FL but how does one get rid of this person who will sue everyone even if she’sin the wrong?

White Springs has had one of the worst managers in the history of Florida.  Of course this individual came by these qualities honestly and fortunately the City of DeBary recognized how bad her performance was and finally terminated her.  Yet Ms. Tebo didn’t see her poor qualities and the fact that she alienated everyone around her.  So she felt she could sue the City and possibly get her job back, but the sad thing for her is that no one wants her and that stretches across Volusia and surrounding Counties.  If any of the surrounding Cities would have believed her, they would have hired her but that will never happen after what she has done.

Ms. Tebo’s appellate decision will not be reached for a month or two but hopefully the Judges will see her for what she is, a liar, and retain the lower court’s decisions  for what she did to the City of DeBary.  Not only was her performance horrific, but similar to White Springs she spun tales and went after Councilors and in her eyes, Rhett gave her the power and she has been feeling superior to all.

When she interviewed with White Springs, she advised us that she knew how to write grants, but to this date all grants have been engineered with our Grant writer organization Ronald Van Zant of Jordan and Associates.

Ms. Tebo’s only salvation for the Town to have retained her during the last four years, is former Mayor Rhett Bullard, who has many of her worst qualities of destruction but more in the way of total corruption.  Then you add Vice Mayor Tonja Brown who is as dumb as a stump, who cannot read, much less articulate a decent sentence, then you see that the Town has had a severe crisis.  Then to add ego maniac Mayor Spencer Lofton brings forth more destruction and corruption of White Springs.  Mayor Lofton has no scruples, has no economics or financial experience, utilizes some form of military control even though he was only a staff sergeant, continually lies, believes himself to be better than anyone else and if anyone contradicts him or explains that his little mind isn’t as bright as it should be, he will have the police remove you from meetings

With Rhett having protected Tebo, it should be interesting to whom she will turn now that he elected not to run for Council.  Of late it has been Mayor Lofton, but if she truly believes that he is willing to help others and is not in it for only himself, she has to be kidding herself.  Currently the Commission on ethics is investigating Rhett Bullard and may be in part why he has decided not to run.  Of course if Rhett is being investigated, so is Tebo.

But let’s get back to Tebo and her illustrious management career in White Springs.  She doesn’t communicate, not only does she not communicate with citizens but she didn’t communicate to her staff who she described as beneath her”.  She has never been transparent.  She has breached her contract with the Town.  She does not follow many of the aspects of her contract but also she does not follow the requirements of the Town Charter.  I am not certain Tebo has ever worked a full week for our Town but  she could take not only part of Mondays, but a full Monday along with her “No Show Friday”.  Then it was “No Show Weeks”.  It never ended and at her current salary, this means she is stealing money from you, the Citizens.

It’s all about Tebo; it’s all about Rhett; it’s all about Tonja and it is always about Lofton… isn’t that a treasure trove of narcissists?   Tebo and this gang never had anyone’s back.  It has always been what someone can do for them to make them look good, but if someone needs an answer, there will never be a “Team” and there is no “I” in Team.

One thing one cannot blame Tebo for is micromanagement.  Not only does she lock herself in her office and only send e-mails blaming staff for everything she should be responsible for, but if they don’t make her look good, or if they question her, she will go through great extremes to find a way to terminate their employment even if the employee was the best of the best for the Town.  Furthermore, unlike most Mangers, who know exactly every aspect of each of their staff’s positions, it is believed the reason Tebo did not give instructions for anything is because she didn’t know how to do most things herself.  Then if the job didn’t get done, because she had no idea how to do it, then one or more of the staff members were blamed.  Nevertheless, she was never at fault in her mind.  

After all, not only was it Anita Rivers, but she got rid of the only Great Department of Firefighters White Springs has ever had.  She knew it at first that Kevin Pittman was the best but when Rhett Bullard decided he didn’t like Pittman because he was efficient and proficient, they had to bring in their own Fire Chief, Stith who has never fought in a fire since he has been in White Springs.

Of course Stacy Tebo and Rhett Bullard had their favorites who were treated better than others.  And this is where Tonja falls in as well.  First there was the Andrew Greene scenario, where he was able to use the shiny red SUV for his own personal use, with credit cards for its maintenance and a regular stipend for being the assistant fire chief Pittman did not want.  Then there was the Kenny Hutcherson situation  where after EACH LEAVE under Federal Law and under White Springs personnel policy is a maximum of 240 hours for each leave (vacation and sick leave benefits) for a total of 480 hours or 12 weeks of pay per year.  Therefore instead of paying Hutcherson for over two years for not being able to perform his work, Medicare and Disability coverage should have been secured. Time Sheets and leave time were fabricated by Tebo and Pam Tomlinson and neither nor Rhett Bullard brought it up for a council vote. “One shall not unjustly profit at the expense of another.”  In both cases one should not profit unjustly at the expense of the Citizens.

Then there’s the fact that Tebo is constantly changing her expectations and doesn’t know or has to change with every command Bullard gives her. In fact Tebo can’t make a decision on her own and only does what Rhett Bullard tells her to do.  This is wrong! How can employees live up to expectations when everything changes constantly?  But more importantly, both Bullard and Tebo lose their tempers and they use fear and bribery as the motivation for having people do what they wish.  Intimidation has worked on some but it certainly did not work for those who were strong like Anita Rivers, Kevin Pittman, John Davis, and the former firefighters.  Ruling by fear is a sick way of handling staff. But let’s face it Tebo feels she is never wrong, as does Rhett Bullard.  They will blame staff or citizens or even other council members for their mistakes and failures. And never expect an apology from Bullard, Brown, Lofton, Tebo or Tomlinson and they will never admit to their mistakes.

Tebo furthermore has never made a change by updating job descriptions; has placed the finance director and Town Clerk as one job when the charter requires two; overlooks Pam Tomlinson’s Mistakes and sticks up for her, even when Pam discriminated against Anita Rivers.  It was Tebo’s job as a manager to handle the situation, but no, Rhett Bullard hires his buddies to exonerate Tebo from discrimination but we know that since Tebo did nothing to handle the situation and allowed Pam to continually harass Rivers, well, Tebo is and was a failure as a manager.  Stacy Tebo is a bad manager who tolerates mediocrity or worse.  She allows certain staff members to get away with anything while others pull their weight, which definitely causes resentment.

It was bizarre reading the depositions relating to Rivers.  Never did Stacy Tebo say that someone was doing a good job or even discussed performance in a positive way.  It was totally negative and obviously she is horrific with Human Resources and I can understand how the City of  DeBary took her HR position away.  In DeBary all she did was talk about others behind their backs to others to try and cause dissention among management and employees.  No one made comments specifically to her and frankly the manner in which she acted, if I were Parrott, I would have fired her long before he did.  Most likely she’s been on drugs in DeBary and continued with drugs in White Springs.  Afterall she admitted to taking Percoset, but In DeBary after we sent DeBary the deposition made by her in the Rivers case, Tebo lied to the City Attorney, stipulating other pills which were not opioids, but gave some really crazy list of doctors and I bet she never had a prescription.  Look at her and tell me if her saying she has “Rheumatoid Arthritis” sounds right?.  She has not such symptoms.

Tebo lacks vision and seems to have been unavailable when problems have arisen.  She doesn’t want problems, just solutions, and she has, as a result, put her staff in a precarious position at times which could have caused some real problems (telling Anita to issue a receipt for a Three Thousand Dollar check to find that the check was to have been paid to the Florida League of Cities and the new amount was in excess of $4,000).  No, Stacy’s a real winner – NOT – but I wish she was someone else’s manager. She is so incapable, I can’t imagine how she completed a Masters in Public Administration.  It definitely was wasted on her.

Well Rhett made Certain Tebo had a Two year contract for Tebo instead of a one year contract.  And if anyone tries to remove her, of course, she will sue White Springs, because that is all she knows how to do.  But after a while she will be labeled one who makes frivolous suits and she will not find a job in Florida or in the United States for her profession.  How sick is she?

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