Vote for Tom Moore and write in “Anita River’s ” name on your ballot

Joe and I have been having difficulty contemplating what we should do regarding the election of Two Council Members.  There is no question that Tom Moore is the best candidate to be elected to Town Council; but what do we do about voting for another council member?
The Two remaining candidates consist of the False Prophet Sideshow Guy Arthur Natteal and Mindless Tonja Brown; neither of which are interested in the people of White Springs.  Tonja has been on the council for decades and has done nothing but follow Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton views of White Springs because she has no views of her own.  Neither Arthur Natteal or Tonja Brown will do anything for YOU or ME except to find ways in which to take your hard earned money away.


If you vote for only one person, Tom Moore, these poll workers, or mainly Stacy Tebo and Pam Tomlinson will mark your ballots for one of the losers they want either Tonja or Arthur.  Then the answer came through the “Watch” and you will see it in Tuesday’s edition, Day 343.

On April 23rd, Vote for Tom Moore and write in “Anita River’s” Name on the ballot.   We don’t need false prophets and people who do nothing for White Springs but use your money for things they ought not to.




Write in “Anita Thomas-Rivers”


Then the Town Can’t add one of its own choices to the Ballot



Get rid of Corruption, Vote for Tom Moore only and place your written vote for Anita Rivers; thereby rejecting Arthur Natteal and Tonja Brown.


Anita automatically qualifies if she has more than 15 votes and with your help we can make certain she has enough to join Tom Moore on the Council.   She is the perfect alternate candidate for Council.  She is intelligent, hard-working, a mother who instills education in her family, she has been discriminated against by Rhett Bullard, Stacy Tebo and Pam Tomlinson, she is transparent and will not lie to you, She desires a better White Springs, one in which all people no matter the color of their skin have the rights we have been given and she has a logical mind and will assist in building up White Springs’ infrastructure”.  It is time we had a young intelligent person on the Council, so please Reject Tonja Brown and Arthur Natteal who only provide false promises and Vote for Tom Moore and write in Anita River’s name.



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