Two States Attorneys  One firing someone for abiding by the constitution; one currently only removing aN ASA for going against the constitution

Two States Attorneys  One firing someone for abiding by the constitution; one currently only removing aN ASA for going against the constitution


You may recall that when Skip Jarvis was the State’s Attorney he fired KrisAnne Hall, an assistant state attorney (ASA)for the Live Oak-based Third Judicial Circuit, for daring to speak out against government excesses during so-called “Tea Party” rallies held in Suwannee County, Florida.

State Attorney Skip Jarvis explained, “a person can’t serve two masters” and stated the Tea Party is against those of us who are in government.  When Ms. Hall was given the chance to choose which side she was on, she chose unwisely, Jarvis stated, so he had to terminate her employment. Ms. Hall’s position was filled by someone who understood “where his loyalties must lie if he expects to be on the public payroll”, stated Jarvis.

Under the auspices of our newly elected State’s Attorney Jeff Sigmeister, Karen Hatton was assigned the Griffin Case or was given the case by the Town of White Springs due to a possible relationship with the Counselors or others in the town, I believe, after looking at the evidence.

“Under the Constitution of the State of Florida, the State Attorney is charged with being the chief prosecuting officer of all criminal trial courts in his or her respective circuit and shall perform all other duties prescribed by general law”

          “Arrest of An Offender – The State Attorney must review every arrest for violations of state law that occurs in his respective circuit.  This review process can be very extensive. The State Attorney must rely on law enforcement to prepare arrest reports, victim affidavits, witness statements and to secure the evidence needed to prove each and every element of the offenses charged.  

                      Once the State Attorney has reviewed all supporting documents and sworn testimony, a decision is made to either file an Information, decline to file any charges (No Info), file a change of charge, present the case to the Grand Jury or require additional investigation.” 

We already know that the Griffin Case was promulgated by the elections and the current town council members certainly did not wish a political activist elected because Griffin would have access to the Town’s records and perhaps would help the citizens of White Springs.    So they worked diligently and secured Ms. Hatton’s signature on the Complaint as rapidly as possible once finding out that Griffin was in the lead.  What appears to be shocking is that Hatton did not make a review of the charges but instead took the position of the Town of White Springs that one man alone, Griffin, was damaging the town by utilizing his constitutional rights.

The problem in the matter was that Griffin did not know that his wife Karin actually submitted reproductions with his application, but it would not have mattered, the Town also stated he did not have the various bachelor and master’s degrees he actually stated in his application. In fact Karin also wrote out the application in her handwriting because of Joe’s palsy.  And the only document Joe actually submitted was his resume’ which was placed in a book after Karin had him sign the application.

Now granted the trumped charges filed against Griffin make no sense.  Not only do they not fit the elements of fraud, but the definitions in what we have read in the State as being fraudulent documents don’t fit the normal statutory charges of uttering a forged instrument Joe was charged with; especially when it was not mentioned in the application, nor did he know the reproductions were included.  In fact, only the Military should have the only right or the privilege of charging or not charging an individual, not a Town or a State.  The Federal government has access to records and the largest charge on the internet for someone who was guilty was that of a misdemeanor.

Once Griffin found out, he decided to protect his wife by taking PTI as an easy out of the charges against him.  But the Town Officials wanted Griffin to suffer further consequences.  They went to Hatton the ASA and complained about the blog and about the 119 requests.  Here are some interesting comments whereby it is evident Ms. Hatton did not believe in either the State or the Federal Constitution, but thankfully she has been removed from the Griffin case as of September 1st.   The evidence speaks for itself:

“Apparently Mr. Griffin doesn’t realize that his felony case is not closed and “adjudicated” as he says and that it is still considered an open case.  He is harassing the witnesses in this case with constant 119 requests even though he should have a copy of the discovery.  He is also putting close to libelous information about the witnesses on his blog.  I would ask you to try and speak with him.  If he doesn’t stop these harassing tactics I will have no other choice but to kick the case out of PTI status and bring it back into court. Additionally, he needs to know that the federal government is looking into charges.  For his own good, he needs to cease and desist as soon as possible.”

Then the Town of White Springs elected to file Misdemeanor Charges against Karin and Joe Griffin because of the blog and other things.   The ASA Hatton stated “  Your PTI was revoked ostensibly because of “blog and other things” and not because of your attendance of the  HCR meeting.’

Excerpt from the Newspaper: “On June 19, White Springs town officials filed numerous complaints with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) against Griffin and his wife Karin of harassment and cyber-stalking, as well as attempting to disrupt town business.

The purpose of these secondary complaints against the Griffins’ constitutional rights was due to the fact that the PTI included numerous conditions and if Griffin violated any of the conditions, especially not receiving another criminal conviction, the State Attorney had the authority to commence prosecution against Joe Griffin.

In fact after the three council persons elected to NOT file an additional impact statement relating to the blog and other things, the Mayor and Vice Mayor made certain the Jasper News had another article.  They obviously secured this information from Ms. Hatton the ASA even though she said she did not know about it.

That article in the July 24, 2014 newspaper reiterated all of the pertinent facts regarding the case

In the Jasper News dated July 24, 2014.  This included the following comments:



“The additional complaints against the Griffins were turned over to the State Attorney’s Office. On June 23, Joe Griffin’s pre-trial diversion program was revoked by Third Judicial Circuit Assistant State Attorney Karen Hatton. Griffin and the town were notified that a pre-trial hearing would be held on Wednesday, July 16, at 9 a.m. The case was continued to Aug. 20 and will continue to have a monthly docketed period on its way toward a trial until a plea agreement or other type of resolution is reached, according to the town’s counsel.

Hatton advised that more misdemeanor charges could be added in the case against the Griffins.”

Finally Ms. Hatton wrote to our Attorney: Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  We have had a bit of a shake up here in the office and a number of us are moving or have moved.  ………….  is the new felony attorney in Hamilton county and it will be up to him to do what he wants with Mr. Griffin.  I am recommending that he keep him in court and not put him back on PTI due to the issues involved with the city of White Springs.  Also, there is a new case that did come in as a misdemeanor against Mr. Griffin and his wife.  That is another area of the office that is changing hands or has changed hands and I can’t speak to whether a decision has been made concerning those cases.  I’m sorry I can’t be any more specific.  I’m not comfortable making any decisions on cases that are no longer mine.

Ms. Hatton was moved to Juvenile and the new ASA Mr. Carmichael after reviewing our file realized the Town did everything in their power along with the police to try and imprison us.  He realized that we were railroaded because of the Town’s dislike for us rather than what we were really being charged for.

There you have it.  The Town of White Springs officials have used the State in this instance to do its bidding against someone they wish to silence and put into jail for questioning or redressing the government, one’s legal right.  What is sad is that they have used the power of each’s official capacity to silence or take away the rights of the Citizens of White Springs…..and we even haven’t touched the legal sufficiency of the State regarding the voter tampering.

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