Tonja Browns’ Campaign Flyer 2017

Yesterday someone emailed me Tonja Brown’s campaign flyer from the 2017 election. It asks which group looks like your vision of White Springs?  Group A or B – faces are black and white.  The flyer does not contain the required language about it being a political ad.  If this was prepared by town manager Tebo with town equipment and likely during the workday, it’s a violation of her duty as the town manager.  Your thoughts?


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  1. Since Rhett bought votes for Tonja and him, as some have said, it appears with a flyer like that Rhett must be “”Black””…This is definitely a hit against everyone’s civil rights but even though Tonja loves Stacy Tebo, I would think Tebo would have more sense to design it but probably Tonja used Town funds to copy it with Stacy’s permission.   Being a town official is all about them…and now Tonja has the love of her life on the council. Willie however, believes he is White.  What a mess! So, according to Tonja, it is all about the color of one’s skin rather than about what a person could do for the Town of WS

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