Tonja Brown is the biggest Racist of them all

If you really wish to know who the Racists are in White  Springs, please check this Brochure out.  This is the brochure Tonja Brown Ran on in 2017.  Although it shows councilors, you can see that she feels the color of one’s skin is  important; not the intellect or the abilities of whomever is hired by the citizens to represent them.   Unfortunately, it is surprising Tonja can really read, but this gives you a great idea how those who are on the council  think about things.


Furthermore, notice there is not a disclaimer on the bottom of the brochure and who it is paid for.  If it was a White person, or someone the council did not like, Pam Tomlinson would tell them they could not run because the disclaimer was not on the brochure or sign.


If you wish your Town to be run by people that do not know what they are doing, just keep electing people like Tonja, Spencer and Willie.  If you believe White Springs is down the crap hole now, check what happens when you make everyone Black except Rhett Bullard.

Tonja Brown, the Biggest Racist of all next to Willie and Spencer:

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