Tomorrow is your chance to vote for a better White Springs!! Will the “Watch” continue?

The “RHATT Pack Watch” has been a dynamic addition to the White Springs Journal for almost a year.  The Writers of the “Watch” not only have similar perspectives on the destruction of White Springs by the “RHATT” and his “Lapdog” but have provided different perspectives and a wealth of knowledge about White Springs itself along with other issues.

Today we received a note that the “RHATT” Watch will be forthcoming after the results of the election are known and whether additional issues of the “Watch” will be written will be dependent upon the election outcome and the Town Council reorganization.

The “Watch” intends to monitor the performance of the new Town Council and will determine a course of action shortly thereafter.


Although we do not know who the writers of the “Watch” are, the “Journal” gives its thanks for the 363 articles so far written.   It is now up to you, the Citizens and Voters of White Springs to finally make a positive change at the Voting Polls. It would be so great to write about positive changes in White Springs rather than the lawlessness and corruption we have had under Rhett Bullard’s tenure on the Town Council.  And we doubt if Spencer Lofton will change his spots for the better, but if he is the only remaining member of the Gang, there may be hope. And perhaps Ms. Tebo will start doing her job as she is supposed to.


It will not be easy to right the wrongs and the misspending of our funds and the right people will have their hands full, but we hope that you will vote for Tom Moore and write-in Anita Rivers on your ballot.  Tom and Anita, along with Councilwoman Miller and Councilman McKenzie.are ready to work for you, the Citizens, and they together will faithfully discharge their duties so White Springs becomes Great.

For years there has been too much deception and lawlessness. The Journal, specifically Joe Griffin, has pointed this out for over two decades.  Yet what has been done is difficult to believe that any of the officials have been so corrupt that they were unwilling to work for the Good of White Springs.  Thus most people just labeled we Griffins as the deplorables of White Springs when all we desired was for White Springs to follow the laws, be fair and not to provide favoritism to some and not to all.


Again, thank you to the writers of the Watch!

In this election, we have a chance, so please vote for Tom Moore and Write-in Anita Rivers.  This election is in your hands and you are the only ones who can change White Springs for the better.

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