This is what the ST letter should have said

Ms. Greene:


I am interested in working  for the City of Lake City and I am applying for the City Manager position. I am a Florida native and I am committed to remaining a lifelong Florida resident, but not necessarily Lake CityI will remain as the Lake City Manager until such time as I am able to find a position as a City Clerk in  Volusia County where I would be able to finally reside in my permanent residence in Orange City

I have been working in local government since 1996 when I received my Master of Public Administration degree from UCF.  The positions I have held have given me a wide variety of experience in local government.   I worked for the City of Sanford Community Development Department for seven years and gained extensive knowledge of planning, grants, code enforcement, condemnations, permits and licensing but I have not used this experience for years ,nor have I cared to do so.  I reported monthly to the City Commission and the Code Enforcement Board so you can see, I was merely doing the work the commission and the code enforcement board asked me to do since I was not part of the board itself. One may learn a lot as a paper pusher however.

While at Volusia County, I was heavily immersed in zoning.  I am very familiar with applications for special exceptions, rezoning, variances and comprehensive plan amendments. One just has to follow the statutes and the zoning laws which I have not followed for a very long time.

For the next ten years, I was employed by the City of DeBary as the City Clerk but I felt I did not have to serve at the pleasure of my City Manager.  I worked diligently to get the City Manager fired by the council but unfortunately not even my EEOC complaint made him quit even though I thought it would. I complained about all the work I had being a City Clerk as well as the H.R. Manager.  I felt my job at H.R. was to get rid of managers who made womanizing comments and I told others about their misdeeds so that all the employees could complain and could assist me in getting rid of these managers.  Then the City Manager decided to take my H.R. position away and give it to the Assistant City Manager which lowered my grade level.  I told all the women that I was fighting for their increases but truly I was interested only in numero uno    After all who cared if we lost male employees who were involved in outside maintenance.  I have my Masters of Public Administration and I deserve a heck of a lot more respect and money than outside grunts.  Although I have been telling everyone now that I was responsible for getting our in-house code enforcement department going and have written numerous ordinances to amend the code, as well as instituting a city-wide records management plan with webcasting of our City council meetings, the City of DeBary has never confirmed nor denied that I have done these wonderful things.  They only mentioned they took my HR duties away and then my City Clerk duties away and then fired me.  I tell you, it was “sex discrimination:.

Well I got even with DeBary by filing my first public records suit the day I became the Town Manager for the Town of White Springs on 9/9/15. I moved to Lake City where I rent a room during the week in a condo I share with the owner and still reside there.  The Town has a limited  budget but I have three of the council members around my fingers and they have paid my legal expenses when I went after a Councilwoman’s seat. Not only that but I am able to take credit for what former managers and councilors have done such as the water and wastewater plant, the SRF project to rehabilitate the tntire sewer collection system when we can afford our seed money.  I’ve just finished a $100,000 FRDAP project to improve Willie Guy Turner Park with the help of our Grant writers who we pay since I do not have the experience.  In October 2016, we completed the $600,000 CDBG-funded construction of a new fire station which I did not assist on either and after the fire station was built, I made certain the best fire chief and firefighters we ever had quit so I could hire the old fire chief who likes Andrew Greene, my favorite employee.  Although I worked on the FDOT grant funds for new historic lighting and signage on Highway 41, I did not do the initial work on this either but it was done by others and as luck would have it we shared with another City and I again got credit. I am working with SCOP for repaving and drainage improvements on one of our roads…just one of our roads, since our maintenance people do not repair pot holes and sink holes, we’ll just have to wait to fix the rest because lawsuits are of utmost importance.  I applied for a grant through Sabal Trail Transmission to install a transformer and electricity at our ball field so we could use it for our Wild Azalea Festival.  And because we never maintain the ball field and it is like cement, it’ll probably never be used as a ball field.  But look at the bright side, we came out even for the Wild Azalea festival so I guess it was a success. But our Town will not provide lighting on the Black side of Town nor will we include the May Day Celebration as part of the Town when it would be so easy to do.  After all two councilors for sure don’t want it and they are Willie and Tonja and Rhett agrees.

I have never had to work on job descriptions and I have full reign through Rhett Bullard.  I can fire whomever I wish by securing dirt on them and if someone complains, Rhett just gets an outside attorney and protects me even if it cost $26,000 for the whitewash.  But that shows how much our White Springs Councilors love me.

I’ve worked in cities larger and smaller than Lake City so my experience is varied.  But I can tell you that if someone isn’t liked, I have experience to get rid of any and all of them.   I have had progressively more responsible roles in local government. Thank you for your consideration.



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