The RHATT Pack Watch, Day 362

The RHATT Pack Watch,

Day 362


Today is Monday, April 22nd, Day 362 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


From a strictly Local perspective, tomorrow’s election will be one of the most important in recent history.  For the last four years, White Springs has been ravaged by an exceedingly corrupt Town Council and Town Administration.  This is your opportunity to have your voice heard.   You can say “I like all of the corruption and the lack of any normal municipal infrastructure” and vote to retain Members of the RHATT Pack.  Or you can Vote for the type of change that will end all of the Town Council and Administration corruption and end the Embezzlement, begin restoring a Police Department, a Fire Department, rehabilitate the Water and Wastewater Systems and start fixing Roads and Streets, Sidewalks and Trails, cleaning and fixing drainage systems, cleaning and expanding parks and recreation facilities and much more.  Here are a couple of issues for you to consider.


First is the issue of whether the election is fair and honest.  It’s been corrupted by the Red-face Ratt, “Cousin” Pam routinely brought the Ballot Box to her home.  That’s where votes were changed.  This is not a good thing.  It needs to stop and “Cousin” Pam should be replaced.  When ballots are counted “Cousin” Shirley both miscounted and mis-recorded votes.  This changes vote tallies and election outcomes.  This is not a good thing.  It needs to stop and “Cousin” Shirley needs to be replaced.  And then there’s voting place intimidation.  The Ratt pulled these strings.  It needs to stop.  The only way White Springs Elections will become fair and honest, is if and when, Honest Outside Voting Place Monitoring takes place.  Supervisor of Elections Hutto needs to personally monitor this election.


Second is the Charter change the Ratt is trying to slip through.  He tried to have the charter modified without your knowledge or input.  The current Charter was put in place by Town Manager “Cousin” Robert.  His goal was to create absolute job security for himself and hive himself the maximum power and authority possible.  The Ratt’s goal is to extend the Charter to make it possible for a “Gang of Thugs” to remove anyone, but make it possible for everyone to remove a “Gang of Thugs” Member.  Unless you want to live under a dictatorship, the Charter changes should be rejected.


The Third relates to who you want on the Town Council after the election.  There are three people on the ballot, but two are “Gang of Thugs” members.  If there’s going to be a change, the non-Gang of Thugs person and a Write-in need to be elected.
Last and most important is making your voice heard.   This happens through your vote and the votes of your family, friends and neighbors.  So whatever you want for White Springs, whether it’s to keep things the way the Ratt and his Gang have been running of Town or whether it’s to sweep out the current Administration and begin restoring White Springs, please take the time to go to the poll and record your Vote.

Ask Supervisor of Elections, Hutto (386) 792-1426 to be present at the voting place to prevent the Ratt and “Cousins” from changing your votes.   Vote “NO ” for the Charter Change, Elect Tom Moore and “Write-In” Anita Rivers, and Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy Natteal.  It’s Day 362 and the Red-face Ratt’s not running.   The RHATT Pack Watch continues!

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