The RHATT Pack Watch Day 361

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 361


Today is Sunday, April 21st, Day 361 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Stated Martin Luther King Jr. “No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”


Tuesday, April 23rd is Election Day. Are you ready White Springs to bring back White Springs Infrastructure and end the Red-face Ratt and his “Gang of Thugs” Member Mindless “Splain it to Me” Tanja’s injustice and corruption of White Springs?


The “Watch” Supports Candidate Tom Moore who has  had a distinguished career in Health Care with Baptist Health in Miami-Dade, assuming the position of Corporate Director of Employee Health for five hospitals.  Moore currently is an RN at the Boy’s Ranch.  During his thirteen years in White Springs he has o served on numerous Committees for both the Town and the Stephen Foster State Park.  He has worked on and obtained funding for the Children’s Tennis Court at Ogburn Park where he serves as a tennis coach; the Gazebo at the Veteran”s Park where he mows the grass and keeps the park in great condition; the Path and Patio for Visitors at Stephen Foster State Park and the Memorial Walkway at the Community Center.   A vote for Tom Moore is a vote for ending White Springs Corruption by making White Springs a safe and secure town with affordable and clean water and to bring the needed resources to our Town to make life better for everyone. 
Reject Mindless Tanja and “Sideshow Guy” Natteal who have done nothing to improve White Springs or to make this a safe and secure place to live. These candidates will divide the Town rather than bring it together and that is not good for our beautiful community.

In this Sunday’s edition of the “Watch” it is time to mention the reasons for our suggesting you “Write-In” Anita Rivers’ name as your second Candidate on the ballot.

 As a warrior for those who are persecuted and treated poorly for no reason, Anita Rivers’ battle cry is “Peace and Harmony at all Costs”; but if she is provoked,  she will fight tooth and nail for your rights no matter what others try to do or say.  Unlike Mindless and Sideshow, Rivers instills fairness to all and she makes her own decisions about people by interacting with them, rather than taking on someone else’s contradictions, that most often are false. It doesn’t hurt that this female warrior is very attractive and popular with a charm that intrigues you no matter what message is being delivered.


With the Lapdog’s No show Fridays, No Show Mondays and sometimes No Show Weeks, how many times have you entered Town Hall, in the past,  and found only Rivers handling all details, phone calls and customer service all by herself?  In fact since the Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow locked herself in her office, and would not meet with citizens but rather required Rivers to handle every detail including some which the Lapdog herself should have accomplished, Rivers was handling work well above her pay grade.


Almost everyone in White Springs remembers Rivers who served the citizens well while she was employed for the Town and it wasn’t easy, especially with all the office drama which was placed at River’s doorstep.  River’s was blamed for everything when she had no part of what transpired at Town Hall, but was blamed because she questioned others.  Rivers, in spite of what others have done to her,  has gone out of her way to assist anyone, especially those who are in need of relief and those to whom others prey upon.  Her every action is motivated by high moral standards and ideals and like a Warrior she will work very hard as she has always has to assist and serve the people of White Springs as well as their families.


She appreciates truth, honesty and transparency which was a definite problem for the Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog, “Just keep Paying Me” Tebow and Sell-out Willie who worked very hard to discriminate against her while trying to take advantage of her kindness and consideration, by exploiting her, and blaming her for the Lapdog’s, “Cousin” Pam’s and “Cousin” Ken’s mistakes,  without cause. In fact “Cousin” Pam was known to make several mistakes and even though she was to assist Rivers  when Rivers was out of the office, “Cousin” Pam refused to help her even though it was in “Cousin” Pam’s Job Description.  Instead “Cousin” Pam would say things like “Do your own Damned Job” and cried “No one helps me do my job”. Woe is Me!!


Yet even though Rivers was given a job description she was assigned various functions which were a part of “Cousin” Pam’s Finance Director’s job.  Have you ever been in “Cousin” Pam’s office and seen all of that paperwork which only gets shuffled around, while “Cousin” Pam takes numerous smoke breaks?  “Cousin” Pam was so jealous of Rivers that even when a former Manager stated Rivers could take City Clerk Training, she threw a hissy fit until Rivers had to back down. In fact, although all educational courses, which none seemed to have been absorbed by “Cousin” Pam, are paid for by the Town; whereas, the Manager told Rivers, she had to pay for the “Clerk” course with her own money.


When the Ratt and the Lapdog discriminated against Rivers using “Cousin” Pam to continually speak to Rivers in abusive language, many promises to her were broken.  Rivers wished to expand her career, was good at what she did and loved the people in White Springs.  She was promised she could take the necessary courses to become a Town Clerk but “Cousin” Pam deterred that with the help of the Lapdog.  Instead “Cousin” Pan  took the course and we know that “Cousin” Pam not only is inefficient but does not have the capacity to learn and understand what coursework she is taking.  That is evident by the manner in which Pam has handled the books for White Springs as well as adhering to Sunshine Laws, Chapter 119 and her inability to understand even what an invoice is (i.e. Hamilton County)


The Lapdog even stopped Rivers from being a poll worker using a fabricated story about a local blog, when Rivers took her own time to take the necessary course required.  Rivers would have protected your votes from being changed and the Ratt, “Cousin” Pam and the Lapdog could not have that happen.


Rivers also has a good talent for organizing, directing and planning and delights in being asked for her advice and counsel which she gives freely. She never compromises herself and pursues her goals of persistence and dedication.  Her demeanor draws her to positions of authority which the Lapdog definitely could not have, especially since the Lapdog is a “me too” kind of person but to whom no one wished to have a conversation with because of her disgusting and nasty demeanor.


Part of the Reason for the Ratt, Sell-out Willie, the Lapdog and Cousin” Pams poor treatment of Rivers is that Rivers has worked with former Mayor and Councilwoman Miller.  Not only was Rivers efficient and organized in her work environment but she assisted the council woman in providing programs for your children, including being the HOPE’s bus driver. She even forewarned you about the changes to the May Day Celebration (banned use of golf carts) on her facebook page because the Lapdog and Mindless Tanja did not wish to come clean about the changes they were attempting to make.


Rivers  has also assisted with White Spring’s movie night when Mindless and the Lapdog didn’t care whether the Citizens would partake.  It was then that Rivers believed that her relationship with the Lapdog officially changed, when she stopped organizing “movie night” for the Town in October 2016.  Rivers stopped because Mindless and the Ratt would do things to purposely aggravate her (i.e.; not paying for candy and food and constantly complaining during the movie) and that the Lapdog would not stop them.   The Lapdog, however, could not complain about Mindless or the Ratt’s  actions because they were council members and the Lapdog’s supervisors
Even though the Lapdog and the Ratt lied about the reason for not qualifying Richard Marshall’s candidacy for council, Rivers fought for Marshall’s rights, even though to no avail because “Cousin” Pam and the Gang did not wish Marshall to run.  All that was missing from Marshall’s petition was a date on a newly formulated form, which was completed in full by a citizen.  Yet, “Sideshow Guy” Natteal did not even sign his petition, but that was not considered a problem.  And Mindless Tanja did not have the disclaimer on her election signs, but that too was not considered a problem.


You will probably recall that recently Code Enforcer Shonda Werts and “Sideshow Guy” Natteal were favored by the Lapdog allowing their use of  the old jail building for a supposed 501 (3) c operation, at no cost to them.  And, although their 501 (3) c does not have an EIN, and there is no notification that it is to be used as a food pantry, a lease was backdated to protect them but did not include the clothing they supposedly were giving away.  When Rivers was working at Town Hall, she spoke out to the Lapdog and the Ratt that Sell-out Willie was allowing one of his friends to use a public building.   This angered Sell-out Willie and he had to move his friend into a mobile home. Rivers would not have allowed this Food Pantry disparity for “Sideshow Guy Natteal”.


Anita Rivers always believes in Transparency while the Red-face Ratt, the Lapdog and “Cousin” Pam felt hiding pertinent information from the Citizens was the best action to take because of their illicit activities.  If a citizen questions the Ratt or the Gang of Thugs including the Lapdog, these gang members will yell and scream without letting the citizens speak.  A lot of their practices are unethical and immoral and borderline treasonous to the people who elected them.  This has gone too long and the Citizens no longer have faith in the Gang, because they have done nothing great for the people of White Springs but rather have taken out every great person who has worked or volunteered for the Town of White Springs.  That includes Anita Rivers, Kevin Pittman and the former volunteer firefighters, Police Officer John Davis and even Councilwoman Helen Miller who they railroaded out of office by a Kangaroo court to find that she was re-elected because the Citizens wanted her to represent them.


Anita is extremely bright and beautiful inside and out.  She dressed like a professional in spite of her low salary for the five years she worked for the Town which limited her ability to have a large wardrobe.  But she had a talent for design and the ability to look stunning as a Municipal professional.  Yet, she was treated poorly by her Town Manager, the Lapdog, and “Cousin” Pam and “Sell-out” Willie did not like her because he was related to her and he hated her propensity for being honest and standing up for her rights and the rights of others. 


My understanding is that two White Springs councilors were attempting to have Anita Rivers fired almost from the time she was hired.  Those two officials were Mindless Tanja  and “Sell-out” Willie, which is no surprise.  Mindless is not only jealous of Rivers but was angered when Rivers made a complaint against her to the Commission on Ethics.  Way to go Girl!! 


Exploitation and Lies about anyone who is intelligent, logical and intuitive has been the MO of the  Red-face Ratt and his Lapdog. The Ratt and his “Gang of Thugs”cannot bear for anyone to tell the Truth and anyone who does not agree with their tactics of threats and fear are removed.


There have been several Bad Asses throughout History, Women Warriors who have always Fought for what is right.  Anita Rivers is such a Warrior and will assure that White Springs again will be restored with a Police Department, A Fire Department, Rehabilitation of the Water and Wastewater Systems and finally using Local Option Fuel Taxes to fix our Streets, Roads, Sidewalks and Trails, cleaning ad fixing drainage systems, cleaning and expanding parks and recreation facilities and much more.  Because she and 70% of the Students at the School in which she worked became ill, she missed the deadline to qualify.  But we, the voters, can fix that and write-in Anita Rivers on the ballot.


Vote “NO” for the Charter Changes.  Elect Tom Moore and “Write-In” Anita Rivers and Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy Natteal.  It’s Day 361 and the Red-face Ratt’s not Running.   The RHATT Pack Watch continues!


Happy Easter!!

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