The RHATT Pack Watch Day 359

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 359


Today is Friday, April 19th, Day 359 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Welcome to White Springs, Florida’s Dirty Little Secret. quite possibly the Home of the Worst Potential Election in the History of the State of Florida.


⇒Election Day, April 23rd, is only a few days away.⇔  Election day is a choice between family and friends or competence and integrity.   It’s a choice between destroying White Springs, or restoring White Springs.  CHOOSE WISELY!  And ask Supervisor of Elections, Hutto (386) 792-1426 to be present at the voting place.


To facilitate your deliberations, here’s a little insight concerning the Candidates.  As you know, the Red-face Ratt did not qualify to seek election  However, the Ratt wants to control the Town Council from his Lair.   This would be a disaster for White Springs.  Eliminating all of his “Gang of Thugs” members, including Mindless “Splain it to Me” Tanja and wanna be “Side Show Man”  Natteal, is the only way to avoid this disaster.


Mindless Tanja has been on the Council for over a decade.  She sits there much like a bump on a log without the slightest inclination about issues before the Town Council.   Mindless Tanja hasn’t served the Town’s residents or even her relatives well..   For instance, Mindless wanted to take credit for the HOPE program for the Town’s Children.  However, she never raised a dollar to help, never volunteered an hour to help and when she didn’t receive accolades for her “Non-Involvement” she worked to kill the HOPE program.   Mindless Tanja did the same with the May Day Celebration.  And as a “Gang of Thugs” member, Mindless Tanja worked with the Ratt to destroy the Police, Fire , Water and Wastewater, and Roads and Streets Departments.  Mindless Tanja isn’t helping anyone or the Town of White Springs!!!  Vote to reject Mindless Tanja!!!


One day, the “Side-Show Man” Natteal wandered into Town and wanted to take over.  As a Candidate for Town Council, he wants the Town to transfer HOPE Program assets to him as well as everything else the Town owns.  He wants your money in his pocket.  Basically, the “Side-Show Man” doesn’t know the Town, doesn’t know its Residents and doesn’t know its Needs. The “Side-Show Man” Doesn’t attend Town Council Meetings and has zero insight into the challenges facing White Springs.   Oh yeah!!!  The “Side-show Man” is a Ratt “Gang of Thugs” member.  Reject the “Side-Show Man” Natteal at the poll.


Please note that TWO Town Vacancies need to be filled.  The Third Candidate is Tom Moore.  He is a true Floridian.  He retired to White Springs after a distinguished career in Health Care.  Since coming to White Springs, he’s attended more Town Council meetings than Mindless Tanja.   He’s served on numerous Town Committees including the Finance Committee, raised the funds and built the Town’s tennis courts and taught tennis to scores of White Springs’ youth, and is involved in Community affairs on a daily basis.  Moore supports restoring the Police, Fire, Water and Wastewater and Roads and Streets departments and is entirely qualified to serve on the Town Council.   Vote to elect Tom Moore.


White Springs needs a second Candidate, but no one has qualified to be on the ballot.  However, the “Watch” recommends a “Write-In” Campaign for Anita Rivers.  She and her family are well known to White Springs, Rivers worked for White Springs and is fully aware of the challenges it faces.  She is well educated and routinely attends Council Meetings, often broadcasting them to the Community.   Rivers is not a “Gang of Thugs” member and will help restore the Fire Department as well as all other infrastructure.  A write-in vote for Anita Rivers is a vote to improve White Springs and to benefit YOU.


Ask Supervisor of Elections, Hutto (386) 792-1426 to be present at the voting place to prevent the Ratt and “Cousins” from changing your votes.   Vote “NO” for the Charter Change.  Elect Tom Moore and “Write-In” Anita Rivers and Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy Natteal.   It’s Day 359 and the Red-face Ratt’s not running .   The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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