The RHATT Pack Watch Day 357 – Important Announcement about the H.O.P.E. Summer Program included

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 357


Today is Wednesday, April 17th, Day 357 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


The “Watch” received several calls from local residents after they heard rumors about a 2019 H.O.P.E. Summer Program for White Springs’ children.  Based on these calls, the “Watch” contacted Councilwoman Miller.  According to Miller, there will be a Summer Program, however the details still are being finalized.


As you may recall, Miller initiated the H.O.P.E. Summer Program for children back in 2012.  Major benefactors required a “Not for Profit” or Government entity as the fiscal agent.  With that understanding White Springs Town Manager and Town Council volunteered the Town for this function.  With a fiscal agent and funds in hand, Miller worked with the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park to make space available, the Hamilton County School Board to provide lunches and she recruited a staff and volunteers to support and mentor the approximately eighty White Springs’ youth and interns who participated in the activities.  In total, over one hundred volunteers stepped forward and provided help and support in the First H.O.P.E. Summer Program.


White Springs’ youth were treated to a variety of arts and crafts, outdoor sports, fishing, hikes and weekly road-trips to regional attractions and educational institutions..  Additionally to help celebrate Independence Day, the Florida Army National Guard flew in a medical helicopter which every one was able to fully explore.   Further, a Hollywood Film Crew in the region on a “Shoot” incorporated the entire H.O.P.E. Youth group into their movie as extras in various elements and shots of a baseball event.  That H.O.P.E. Summer Program was so successful that Miller continued to raise the funds and administered a H.O.P.E. Summer Program in each subsequent year.


However, as you also know, the “Watch” previously has reported on the efforts by the “Gang of Thugs” members, Mindless “Splain it to Me” Tanja, the Red-face Ratt, and the “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just Keep Paying Me” Tebow to destroy White Springs infrastructure and the H. O. P. E. Program due to their longstanding petty, envy and jealousy.


Miller pointed out that the Youth of White Springs are too important to not have a H. O. P. E. Summer Program.   She indicated because in recent years the H. O. P. E. Program had become increasingly mired to local politics, a change was needed.   As a result Miller, working with Nikki Williams, Anita Rivers, Margaret Henry and Tom Moore formed and obtained IRS approval of the Project H.O.P.E., a 501 (c) 3, Not for Profit corporation.  The Project H.O.P.E. will be the fiscal agent and undertake the 2019 H. O. P. E. Summer Program collaboratively with the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park.   

She expects the Program to begin on either June 10th or June 17th and last for six weeks.  Preregistration begins immediately for K-12 students.  Anyone wanting to enroll their child can contact Williams, Rivers, Moore, Henry, Miller or the Ranger Station at the Park for an application.   Miller also indicated that as in the past years, the  H. O. P. E. program is seeking several interns (ages 14-19) to assist with part of the Program activities.   She anticipates the H.O.P.E. Program will focus on the arts and crafts, sports environment and natural resources through the Park Junior Ranger Program and evolving Scientific Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)  activities.


White Springs, look at the choice you have; individuals like the Mindless Tanja, The Ratt and Lapdog who destroy your children’s future or individuals like Anita Rivers, Tom Moore, Nikki Williams Margaret Henry and Helen Miller who work to improve your children’s future.  It’s your Choice!!  


Ask Supervisor of Elections, Hutto (386) 792-1426 to be present at the voting place to prevent the Ratt and “Cousins” from changing your votes.  Vote “NO” for the Charter Changes.  Elect Tom Moore and “Write-in” Anita Rivers, and “Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy Natteal, it’s Day 357 and the Red-face Ratt’s not running.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!

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