The RHATT Pack Watch Day 356

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 356

Today is Tuesday, April 16th, Day 356 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


For months, the “Watch” has been informing  you about the challenges with the White Springs Water Treatment and Distribution and Wastewater Collection  and Treatment Systems.  These are problems brought to you by Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja and the Red-face RattAnd these problems have significant costs associated with them and YOU are being given the BILL.  So, “How did we get here” and “What are the challenges”? 


As you may recall, several years back Mindless Tanja, Sell-Out Willie and the Ratt ran on and proposed a reduction in the Water Rates.  Absent any understanding of the operational status of the “Water Treatment and Distribution System, Mindless Tanja proposed and the Council’s “Gang of Thugs” approved a $5 per month reduction in the water rate.  Shortly thereafter, the Ratt placed one of his sex partner “Cousin” Andrew, in charge of the Water and Wastewater Systems.  While both Systems are fully automated, there are maintenance issues that need routine monitoring and attention.  Under “Cousin” Andrew, they received none.


Basically, “Cousin” Andrew was and remains incapable of doing anything except driving the White Springs new shiny Red Emergency Vehicle.  As a result, “Cousin” Andrew never once took steps to determine whether “End of the Line” water was potable.  And never once did Mindless Tanja or her other “Gang of Thug ” members inquire whether White Springs water was potable.  It wasn’t and isn’t today.  Never once did “Cousin” Andrew take steps to determine the status of the Town’s Water Towers, the distribution system piping or the fire hydrants or any other maintenance issues.  Never once did Mindless Tanja, Sell-out Willie, or his replacement illegal alien, Suck-up Lofty or the Ratt inquire about these systems.  In fact they would not allow inquiries by Councilman McKenzie or Councilwoman Miller.   Mindless Tanja and other “Gang of Thugs” members chose to ignore any and all Water and Wastewater issues that arose.


Well, people of White Springs, all of these problems have come home to ROOST.  Here’s why!  As the “Watch” has pointed out previously, Mayor Miller and Town Manager Farley sought out the State DEP for help with the Wastewater Collection System.   They received a 95% grant for over a $Three Million Rehabilitation projectDue to Mindless Tanja’s and the Ratt’s petty envy, jealousy and discord with the former Mayor Miller, they tried to cancel the project.  However, because of public safety and environmental concerns, the State dictated the project must move forward.


As a penalty, the State reduced its cost share by 15% to only 80% of the total costs, thereby increasing the costs to YOU by nearly $ One Million.   Mindless Tanja, the Ratt , the illegal alien Suck-up Lofty and their “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow have claimed that there would be no costs to YOU, the customers.  But now RATES need to be substantially increased both for Water and Sewer (i.e. Wastewater) to cover these costs as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars of neglected maintenance during the “Cousin” Andrew tenure.  According to the Florida Rural Water Association, you’ll be paying through the nose for approximately the next 30 years, between $4,000 and $5,000 for each and every household.  You can THANK Tanja and the Ratt!


Unless you want more of the same, get rid of Mindless Tanja.  And report the criminal activity of the Ratt, the illegal alien “Mini-Me Despot” Suck-up Lofdty and the “Out of Towner Lapdog “Just Keep Paying Me” Tebow to the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  Clean up White Springs.



Ask Supervisor of Elections Hutto (386)  792-1426 to be present at the voting place to prevent the Ratt and :”Cousins” from changing your votes.  Vote “NO” for the Charter ChangeElect Tom Moore and “Write-In” Anita Rivers and Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy, Natteal.  It’s Day 356 and the Red-face Ratt’s not running.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues., 

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