The RHATT Pack Watch Day 355

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 355


Today is Monday, April 15th, Day 355 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Deep Throat gave the “Watch” a call with some insight into discussions and activities ongoing in Town Hall concerning the April 23rd election.  As you are aware, in past years, the Red-face Ratt and “Cousin” Pam worked together to control the outcome of White Springs Town Council elections.   Apparently, they were able to affect the outcome of any given election in one or more ways.


Long ago, the RATT recognized that little if any attention was paid to the registered voter list for White Springs’ Town Council Elections.  This means, the Ratt, with the cooperation of “Cousin” Pam could use the voting power of individuals who had moved or were deceased, but remained on the voter’ lists to enter votes for his “Cousins”   However, it probably could only be accomplished as Absentee or Early Voting.  Aren’t “Cousins” Great?


In addition, the Ratt recognized that many valid residents needed to “Vote Absentee” or wanted to “Vote Early”.  This means that these Absentee and Early Votes ended up in a Ballot Box that “Cousin” Pam had the key to.  As you know, the Ratt and “Cousin” Pam are tight, really tight.  Everyone knows that “Cousin” Pam makes it a regular practice to take the Ballot Box to her home for a few hours just prior to the official Vote Count.  It would be a simple matter to replace Ballots that did not indicate votes as the Ratt wanted, while the Ballot Box was at “Cousin” Pam’s home with new Ballots made out by the Ratt or one of the “Cousins


Oh Yeah!  There’s another approach the Ratt uses to control votes.  In this regard, the Ratt is a real  “slime ball”.  He, like most dictatorial regimes, doesn’t believe in open, fair and secretive elections.  Prior to the elections, the Ratt employs threats and coercion.  During the voting process, the Ratt takes away fairness and secrecy.  He tries to structure the voting process to influence your vote.  And after the voting is over, the Ratt reviews every ballot, including his secret marking on ballots to determine how each person voted.  The Ratt is about as low a low-life as possible.


Back to Town Hall and what’s happening now.  According to Deep Throat, there’s a  lot of discussion about the election and what needs to be done to keep the “Gang of Thugs” in power.  If the Ratt is able to re-elect his current Town Council “Gang” member, Mindless Tanja and elect his new “Gang” member “Sideshow Man” Natteal, the Ratt can control the Town Council for another year or more.   Of course “Cousin” Pam and the “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep Paying Me” Tebow are on board and prepared to do everything possible to keep the Ratt and the “Gang of Thugs” in power.


Deep Throat indicates a number of approaches have been whispered or openly discussed around Town Hall.  One item apparently under serious consideration is whether “Cousin” Pam can take the Ballot Box unnoticed to her home.  As they are aware, there are Wildlife Cameras capturing everything at Town Hall and it’s possible that someone might be watching specifically to see if she tries to take the Ballot Box home.  Then again, maybe they could alter the Ballots prior to leaving Town Hall.  Alternatively, it’s likely that Voting Poll workers are being selected to intimidate voters and all have a conflict of interest.  Then again, the wild card is whether the Supervisor of Elections’ Hutto might step in and control the voting place and process.


White Springs, unless you have no choice, Vote “in person” on election day.  Ignore threats and intimidation for the Ratt, his “Gang” and “Cousins”.  Only elect NON-“Gang” members.


Vote “NO” for the Charter Change.  ELECT TOM MOORE and “WRITE-IN” ANITA RIVERS  and Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Natteal.  It’s Day 355 and the Red-face Ratt’s not running.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!

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