The RHATT Pack Watch Day 353

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 353

Today is Saturday, April 13th, Day 353 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


Word from Deep Throat is that there is a lot of talk inside Town Hall concerning the May Day Celebration.   According to one of the May Day founding Members the Celebration is schedule for Ma 18th, in about a month.


As you know, the May Day Celebration was initiated by nine South-side residents to say “Thanks”.  They chose the old Carver School as the location for the event.  They cut the grass and cleared up the Carver site and beyond.


All of the husbands and fathers pulled out their smokers and grills, rounded up a variety of meats and fish and began cooking.  Wives and mothers worked on vegetable dishes and deserts for the feast.  A few more community members worked on a program and arranged for entertainment.  About a thousand people showed up for the festivities.


The first May Day was a resounding success.  A few days that first May Day, the group that organized and convened it came together to discuss the event.  They decided to make May Day an annual event, open to everyone and free to everyone.  Each year, May Day grew a little and became more organized and better.


The May Day founders encountered challenges and growing pains.  They learned from these experiences and became more successful.  Formal Committees were established to coordinate with the Town and to Schedule various Celebration events.  Things weren’t always perfect, but for an all volunteer, all free event, it was great!

And then the Red-face Ratt and his “Gang of Thugs” member Mindless “Splain it to Me” Tanja happened.  Neither the Ratt nor Mindless had ever been involved with May Day in the past.  Neither had ever lifted a finger to help.  But now Mindless wanted to claim credit for the success of May Day or destroy it.

So, the Ratt and Mindless decided to impose their own “Spin” to and “Overlay” on all May Day events.  The Ratt and Mindless went to the “Cousins” and brought in a bunch of “For Profit Vendors”.  Of course the Ratt took his cut.  One of the “Cousin” Vendors was a golf cart rental.  To ensure it was a success, the Ratt ordered that all streets and roads into or near the Carver School site be blockaded by armed and riot-gear attired Police.  In fact to ensure there were sufficient law enforcement, the Ratt ordered in every back-up officer available within a 50 mile radius.


With the security under their control, the Ratt and Mindless were like hogs at the trough.  The two of them wanted everything for themselves.  However, local residents and May Day founders became disillusioned with the interference by the Ratt and Mindless.


White springs Residents, Relatives, Friends, Neighbors and out of town Visitors alike were unable to access the site and left disappointed.  Together, the Red-face Ratt and Mindless Tanja, with help from the “Out of Towner” Lapdog”Just Keep Paying Me” Tebow, nearly destroyed a legal, private activity of lawful citizens of White Springs.  And the Ratt and Mindless did it for their personal benefit.  Their actions were tantamount to imposing a dictatorial Police State and Hijacking a private event.  May Day brought thousands of relatives, friends and other visitors to White Springs and tens of thousands of dollars in sales to local businesses.  It was festive; it was entertaining; and it was outdoors, and filled with healty, sports[related activities.


The Red-face Ratt and Mindless Tanja didn’t want to volunteer to work with the May Day founders.  They wanted to steal and “OWN” May Day for their personal benefit.   There’s an election on April 23rd.  Help reject and remove all Ratt “Gang of Thugs” members.

Vote “NO” for the Charter Change.  Elect TOM MOORE and “Write-In” ANITA RIVERS , and Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy, Natteal.  It’s Day 353 and the Red-face Ratt’s not running.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!

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