The  RHATT Pack Watch Day 351

The  RHATT Pack Watch

Day 351


Today is Thursday, April 11th, Day 351 of the RHATT Pack Watch.  Ever have a Life Threatening Event occur to you , or someone in your family, or one of your friends?  Sooner or later, everyone has some experience with a Life Threatening Event.  When one does occur, you want to be able to get Help to arrive in a timely manner.  You don’t want the Help to show up like the Cable Repair Guy, a couple hours later or even the next day.  Simply when a Life Threatening event occurs, you need Help now and you want the Help  to show up Now.


And, when the Help does arrive, you want the Help to be competent.  You want Help that can immediately understand the nature of the life Threatening Event, know what steps to take immediately and know what to do next to ensure that the patient experiencing whatever event is threatening his/her health immediately gets transported for the longer term and more permanent care that may be necessary.
Basically, when a Life Threatening Event occurs, minutes and seconds are critical.  When providing First Responder care, knowledge and experience are critical to understanding the Event that has or is occurring and the immediate steps that must be taken to mitigate the event and stabilize the patient, and planning and procedures are critical to evacuating and transporting the patient to a special destination.


Well folks, we don’t have it in White Springs.  The Red-face Ratt’s Fake Fire Department run by disgraced Fire Chief “Cousin” Steve simply doesn’t work.


Recently, a visitor to White Springs was enjoying a festive day in the White Springs area.  One stop happened to be the Stephen Foster Park.  During this persons visit to the park, the person experienced a Life Threatening Event, a Stroke.  When a stroke occurs, time is extremely critical.  During a Stroke, a clot in some area of the Brain deprives that part of the Brain of Oxygen.  This is not a good thing.  As soon as an area of the Brain is deprived of Oxygen, Synapses begin to break and Cells begin to die.  This is not a slow process.  Synapses without Oxygen break at a rate of 35,000 per second.


This is critically important, because Synapses are responsible for transmitting the electrical impulse across the small gaps between cells, like memory cells and others.  You loose too many Synapses, you lose some or most of your memory, or worse yet, you don’t survive.  So like all Life Threatening Events for Stroke victims, Time is extremely critical.
And therein lies the problem.  To begin with, our Fire and Rescue First Responders didn’t know how to get into Stephen Foster Park and didn’t know where to go within the Park, thereby costing valuable life Saving minutes.  Once initial care was administered and the patient stabilized, it was time to transport.   Stroke  victims are considered critical and the 911 operator arranged for helicopter evacuation.  There is a plan and procedure for helicopters and their landing zones.  Unfortunately, White Springs Fake Fire Department Fire Chief “Cousin” Steve never bother ed to educate or train our First Responders on where to go and what to do.  They couldn’t find their way out of the Park and had no idea of where to go.  All of these wasted seconds, all of these wasted minutes cannot be recovered or replaced when a victim is experiencing a Stroke.  Brain damage begins occurring immediately.  Brain damage continues occurring until treatment is administered or the Event becomes more Life Threatening.


Vote “NO” for the Charter change.  ELECT Tom Moore and “WRITE-IN” Anita Rivers and Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy Natteal.  It’s Day 351 and the Red-face Ratt’s not running.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!!

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