The RHATT Pack Watch Day 349

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 349


Today is Tuesday, April 9th, Day 349 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.

Tonight’s a Big Night Folks!  Tonight is the Red-Face Ratt’s last regular Town Council Meeting as an Elected Official.  Tonight is the Ratt’s going away party.  It should be quite a celebration.  Everybody should be there because every White Springs resident has a very good reason to savor this day.


It’s not every day that the residents of a Town like White Springs can reflect upon all of the memorable things that someone like the Ratt has been able to cause or to happen in in this Town in just a few years.   Yes, he had help from his “Gang of Thugs” and his trusted Lapdog, but it was the Ratt, by himself, who was able to recruit “Gang members Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja and the illegal alien “Mini-me Despot” Suck-up Lofty and install them as the Vice Mayor and Mayor respectively.  And Yes, it was the Ratt, again, by himself, who was able to recruit Stacy Tebo, who according to her termination letter from the DeBary City Manager, Dan Parrott, included quite a few reasons DeBary wanted to be rifd of her.


DeBary included numerous violations of its Personnel Policies, including inattention to duty, failing to obey proper directives made and given by a supervisor, inducing or attempting to induce any officer or employee of the City to commit an unlawful act, insubordination, incompetence, neglect of duty, knowingly making false statements to an officer of the City, disgraceful conduct, violation of duties and obligations of her position, willful violations of departmental regulations, refusal to abide by any lawful official regulation or order and a whole host of additional transgressions and violations.  Yes the Ratt developed a mighty team to back his every thought, order and action for the residents of White Springs.  


On the night of the Ratt’s last regular Town Council meeting, let’s review some of his accomplishments over the last four years:


First, the Ratt through his personal salacious proclivities has brought a deep awareness of the risks of unprotected sex and the seriousness of HIV/AIDs exposure as well as several of the treatment approaches available to our citizens.


Second, the Ratt has shown us that the best way to reduce one’s risk of arrest for drug use or untoward sexual acts was to destroy the White Springs Police Department, and so he did with as little fanfare as possible.


Third, when the Ratt was asked by “Gang” member Mindless “spread some funds around”, the Ratt conceived and implemented an embezzlement scheme that netted more than $150,000 of White Springs taxpayer money.


Fourth, when the White Springs Fire Chief Kevin Pittman refused when ordered by the Ratt to give the Town’s new Shiny Red Emergency Vehicle to his BoyToy, the Ratt simply destroyed White Springs Fire Department and ordered his Lapdog to give “Cousin” Andrew the vehicle and a stack of Town Credit Cards.
Fifth, when the Ratt’s ego wouldn’t allow a project, which was funded and started under his predecessor to move forward, he delayed it until the State reduced its’ share and and forced the project to move forward costing the residents of White Springs nearly an additional million dollars.


Sixth, when the Ratt realized the amount of Local Option Fuel Tax (LOFT) fevenues the Town was receiving for transportation projects, he decided to divert as much as possible for personal benefit.  He hired his a-hole buddy “Cousin” Ken as Town auditor and ordered him to justify his illegal actions.  Then he ordered his Lapdog to spend the money on anything but roads and street projects as required by Statute.  LOFT funds went for designer clothing, designer water, non-transportation power toys, non-transportation legal fees and all manner of other non-transportation expenses thus exposing the residents of White Springs to pay back nearly $750,000 in illegal expenditures.

Yes!! in four years, the Ratt has done everything possible to destroy White Springs. 


Yes!  Come to the Ratt’s Going Away Party! BYOD&B  (Bring your own dish and bottle).  Wish the Ratt well in his new endeavor as far from White Springs as possible.


Vote “No” for the Charter Changes.  ELECT TOM MOORE and “WRITE-IN” ANITA RIVERS  and REJECT Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy Natteal.  It’s Day 349 and the Red-face Ratt’s not running.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues.

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