The RHATT Pack Watch Day 347

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 347


Today is Sunday, April 7th, Day 347 of the RHATT Pack Watch


Voters of White Springs, are you Tired of our Town going into the proverbial sinkhole?  Are you tired of not having a viable Fire Department and Police Department for your public safety?  Well, you can solve this issue easily by voting for Tom Moore and “Writing-In “Anita River’s” name on the ballot.


To say White Springs is Corrupt is mild, especially when many of us have been fooled and have been voting for the WRONG people.  This time, we, at the “Watch” would like for you to think as if White Springs is your “Business: and you are the boss.  In fact the Citizens should be the boss of what transpires in the Town, but the Red-face Rat, His Lapdog “Just Keep Paying me” Tebow, and the “Gang of Thugs” members,  Mindless “Have a 4th Grader Splain it to Me” Tanja and the Illegal Alien “Mini-me Despot “Suck-up Lofty want you to believe that you are not important and they have the right to do as they wish because you voted them in.


The Ratt and his “Out of Towner”  Lapdog Tebo, do not care what you have to say.   They feel it is wrong to hire smart people because Smart People will shake things up because smart people would not satisfied with the way things have always been in White Springs.  That is why the Ratt, his Lapdog, and the “Gang of Thugs” worked so hard to remove Councilwoman Miller from her seat and place Suck-up Lofty in her place.


Not only that but  Ratt and the Lapdog had to eliminate Anita Rivers who not only was creative, smart and motivated, but to them she questioned them too often and challenged them to follow the laws including her right to First Amendment privileges.  After all the Town Administration under the Ratt and the Lapdog couldn’t have some subordinate looking smarter than them.  If citizens or smart people’s ideas would help the Town, it would make the Red-face Ratt, Mindless and the Lapdog look incompetent, like they should have thought of it first.  What can be worse for the “Gang of Thugs” than to be shown up by other council members, a smart employee or the citizens, who are always right?   The Ratt and the Lapdog have a specific hiring practices for “Out of Towners” and that is they must always do what they are told.


As a boss YOU voted in (hired) Suck-Up Lofty as well as Mindless.  For the Ratt, they were the perfect officials because they will listen to the Ratt’s every word, they will follow his orders to the tee and never, never question anything he says.  Officials like Mindless and Suck-up Lofty overestimate their skill level considerably because they do not have the competency to be aware of what they don’t know, in which their own ignorance is compounded. But just ask yourself, what have they done to benefit your life?


Just look at the failed attempts of Suck-up Lofty whether it be that he was totally unaware of what goes into a business deal when dealing with investors regarding S.H.E. or what is required to have a viable fire department in order to complete the Hamilton County Fire and Emergency Protection Agreement. He believes he is so smart and does not understand that he technically does not have a clue how to handle business transactions.  In fact, one would guarantee one of the main reasons YOU voted for Suck-up Lofty is because he wears nice suits  (Paid for by his wife) and can spin a lie like no one else can, making him look intelligent in spite of the obvious. They can’t keep lying that they know something which they do not because it will either cost YOU a lot of money YOU do not have or YOU may have a fire which burns your house down for which there is no Firefighters available to save your property?  Is that what YOU want White Springs?  We’re still stuck with Suck-Up Lofty for another year, unless there is a recall, but we can be rid of Mindless Tanja.


So let’s go back to your being the boss of Your White Spring’s destiny.  YOU need to look beyond the color of one’s skin;  YOU need to look beyond the types of clothing the candidates wear;  YOU need to look beyond the guy or girl who loves a beer and will party hardy with YOU. YOU need to look for someone who wishes to reconstruct the administration staff for efficiency and that means not just keeping the same inefficient employees in place.  YOU need to clean house on ineffective, inefficient, spending money like there is no tomorrow officials and the Lapdog.  YOU need to ask why “Cousins” Steve and “Andrew” are still hired, when we lost the greatest fire department we have ever had.  YOU need to ask why Police Chief Two-gun Tracy is allowed to remain when she has not provided an adequate Police Department for our public safety in years:  YOU need to ask why Police Chief two-gun Tracy can take so much time off and why calls are not answered, so that we must bring in the Sheriff’s Department to assist White Springs’ residents?  YOU need to ask Mindless, why after the Town raised your Sewer Rates, the extra money continually goes into the General Fund and is not spent for the Wastewater reconstruction?  YOU also need to ask Mindless why the Town has saved no money so that we would not have to borrow over $700,000 to pay our share for the Wastewater reconstruction project and why she waited so long.


With the right official in place that official will work with the two other smart councilors to provide efficiency, cost control, following the law by keeping restrictive funds for LOFT and for grants, fixing our roads and streets and avoiding the multiple mistakes made by staff members that don’t know what they are doing.
Since it is your money, YOU need to ask every one of the candidates for Council to let YOU know what their plan may be to eliminate the Misspending and their plans to hiring employees who actually work for the money in which they are paid, rather than paying someone to do nothing like the Lapdog and “Cousin” Pam. Would YOU like to keep paying people out of your own pocket who refuse to work for YOU and who takes more personal time off than putting in actual work time?   If you vote for Mindless Tonja and  Sideshow Guy, Arthur Natteal, that is actually what YOU are doing. YOU are and will be Paying them for no benefit to YOU.   Sooner or later your “business” will be bankrupt.  Again, find out what the candidate intends to do and ferret out whether he or she is lying to YOU by asking more questions.  YOU deserve only the best people to work for you in Government and it is now your chance to again be the boss since the Ratt is not running.


So before casting your vote, Ask each candidate questions as if YOU are the Boss you really are and White Springs is your “business”.  Ask what they are willing to do for the Town of White Springs to make it better.  And if they give YOU a song and dance, like Suck-up Lofty does talking about investments and investors which he knows nothing about, then ask each Candidate where they think they will get the money to implement such changes to make the Town Better.  Ask them whether they have had prior experience in handling such matters and how successful they were.  It is your money!   You are the boss!  And they need to comply with your wishes, not just tell you what you need to do because by voting for the Candidate, you will expect them to serve you once they are elected. 


So far there is only One Candidate with the type of knowledge to fix our problems on the ballot in White Springs and that is Tom Moore.  And because I am certain the abuser and Sideshow Guy Natteal doesn’t have a clue how to handle anything except to have other people everything  for him, we strongly suggest that you write in the name someone who knows the workings of Town Hall and that is writing in the name of “Anita Rivers” so the poll workers, “Cousin” Pam and the “Lapdog” can’t add the names of Mindless or the Sideshow Guy because you voted only for Tom Moore.

Vote “NO” for the Charter Change, ELECT TOM MOORE and “WRITE-IN”  ANITA RIVERS;  and Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy, Natteal.  It’s Day 347 and the Red-face Ratt is not running.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues.

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