The RHATT Pack Watch Day 346

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 346


Today is Saturday, April 6th, Day 346 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


During the last couple of weeks, the “Watch” has been discussing with the Wildlife Camera Crew the possibility of gaining access to some, or possibly all, of the photos and videos they have been collecting.  During  these discussions the “Watch” learned that the Agreement in place between the Wildlife Camera Crew and Ran Howard’s production company places absolute control of all photos and videos in the hands of the production company.


The “Watch” made a request through the Wildlife Camera Crew for access to the wireless streaming and use of come of the photos and videos.  While Howard turned down our request, he did agree to allow the Wildlife Camera Crew to grant the “Watch” acces to look at, but not retain, copies of still photos for a couple of days of our choice.  After some careful thought, the “Watch” concluded it would be informative to review a set of photos from any Monday, not associated with a Council meeting week, or a holiday, or an event weekend.  We provided this information to the Wildlife Camera Crew, asked them to pick a date and secure approval for us to review the data.   A couple of days later, we met with two of the Crew’s members at a Lake City restaurant.  After executing a limited disclosure Agreement, the “Watch” was granted access to a flash drive with a hundred time-stamped photos taken on Monday, March 25th and were given a sneak peak on the smart phone of one of the Crew members to several of the wildlife camera live streams and two videos from drone practice runs.  WOW!!


According to the photos which the Wildlife Camera Crew made available, activities at the Town Hall/Fake Fire Department compound started early, while it was still somewhat dark, with the arrival of “Cousin” Ray.  In several of the photos, he could be seen at various locations in the compound.  At 7:25 “Cousin” Ray left the compound in one of the Town’s pick-up trucks for parts unknown.


Timely, but somewhat later, the Camera Crew recorded the arrivals of “Cousin” Pam and Yvonne.  No surprise, no “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just Keep Paying Me” Tebow until after 9:00 am.  It must be nice to slither in any time she wants.  She signs her own time-sheet, so why not!!


But surprise of all surprises, the Red-face Ratt himself pulled up and parked in front of the buildings.  The photos of the Ratt entering Town Hall only caught him from the back, but you could tell it was the Ratt.  Apparently, after spending time with his faithful Lapdog to provide her with his orders for the day, he exited the building at 9:57, jumped in his truck and drove off.  There were also a number of photos of “Cousin” Pam enjoying her favorite past-time.
Actually, the compound and the pole barn were covered exceedingly well and provided a number of routine photos.  And of Course, a number of visitors to Town Hall were captured in photos as they came and departed from Town Hall.  The Wildlife camera Crew indicated that on an average week day, the system of Wildlife Cameras captures between 1,500 and 2,000 individual photos of mostly routine operations.  All photos and videos are archived on the production company’s server.


White Springs, it would appear that it will be possible to validate certain activities at the Town Hall complex.  The Wildlife Camera Crew will be able to tell who comes and goes and when.  In fact, the no/low light visibility cameras were so good, that even if the Ratt holds a late night ceremony, these cameras will capture photos of all in attendance.  And if any of the Ratt’s dealers hang around at Town Hall, well you guessed, it, these cameras will capture it all.  Hopefully that evidence and any that you can provide will find its way to the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


Vote “NO” for the Charter Change.  ELECT TOM MOORE and “WRITE-IN” ANITA RIVERS and Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy, Natteal.  It’s Day 346 and the Red-face Ratt’s not running.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!!!

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