The RHATT Pack Watch Day 342

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 342

Today is Tuesday, April 2nd, Day 342 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Now that the Red-face Ratt hasn’t qualified to be on the ballot for Town Council, just what will he focus his extra time on?   Will he spend time with the “Cousins” or take u a new activity or get involved with a new organization?  Everyone knows the Ratt and the “Cousins” are really tight and spend lots of time together already.  He probably couldn’t spend any more time with them even if that was his choice.  And there’s no way that he’s going to get involved with a new activity.


The Ratt’s not know for any kind of activity that requires physical exertion.  Pretty much every activity necessitates some type of physical exertion.  And besides, the Ratt’s got his dealers and “young fondlings” and that’s about all he can handle.   That kinda leaves the Ratt either watching more TV or playing with one of the entities familiar to him.  Somehow the Ratt doesn’t appear to be a TV guy.  Yes, it appears that his best, and probably his only choice is to apply his extra time to one or more of the organizations he already knows.  Could he focus on the City of Jasper, or the Hamilton County Chamber, or the Hamilton County Development (read Nepotism) Authority, or Dixie County, or the Democratic Party of Florida, or some other organization?  It looks like the Ratt could have an almost infinite choice of organizations.  But would he do with this extra time at one of these organizations?  Everyone knows the Ratt’s real experience is with infrastructure destruction.


Of course, this doesn’t bode well for one of the organizations the Ratt has his fingers into already, but which one?  As you know, the Ratt is the City Attorney for the City of Jasper.  He’s made a mess of everything.  You remember last year’s incident between the “Gun Totting” City Manager and the City Clerk.  Apparently the Ratt started by advising a Fake Investigation.  Failing there, he advised terminating the City Manager.  Shortly thereafter, based on nothing, he advised terminating the City Clerk.  Both filed lawsuits which the Ratt hid from the City Council for four months, thus exposing Jasper to significant legal expenses and victim damages.  What’s next?  The Ratt’s probably started on the destruction of the Police, Fire, Water and Sewer, and Roads and Streets Departments and more already.


Then again, the Ratt might apply some of his time to the Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce.  He installed a bunch of “Cousins” and was using the Chamber to make Best Person of the Year awards to himself and his family; but now that’s done, he can destroy the Chamber.  In fact he started at the Chamber by neglecting to apply for its 501 (c) 6 Lobbying status with the IRS.  And then, contrary to Chamber policy, he began outsourcing everything, including speakers, entertainers, catering and more to “Out of Town Cousins”.  Oh yeah, the Ratt wanted his own Lapdog at the Chamber so he drove out the Chamber’s Executive Director.


Or maybe the Ratt might choose the Hamilton County Nepotism (i.e., Development) Authority.  Since the day that Aunt Mary Lou got him the gig, the Ratt and “Cousin” Susan have been fleecing the organization like the rest of the “Cousins”.  There’s not much to destroy here.  It’s been non-functional for decades.  It blows its resources on “Cousin” fantasies.  Then there’s Dixie County.  Sorry Dixie, the Ratt’s been there long enough to form thoughts about where he can do the most harm.  He will destroy everything he can.  And the Democratic Party of Florida, get ready.  Keep an eye on him.  The Ratt drinks like a fish at your functions and besides he’s a crocked closet Republican.  Watch Out!!!


Vote “NO” for the Charter Change.  ELECT TOM MOORE and “Write-In” Anita Rivers and Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy Natteal.  It’s Day 342 and the Red-face Ratt’s not running.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!!

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