The Miller Hearing of October 2017 revisited

Dr. Miller’s Attorney, Mark Herron, initially requested a continuance due to the fact that the changes in charges against Dr. Miller did not provide sufficient time to secure the appropriate witnesses since the new charges were not received until October 19, 2017.  Attorney Herron provided this in writing as well as vocally in the meeting.   He advised that he only had two hours to go over the material with Dr. Miller.

Attorney Elkind, the Staff attorney, formerly known as Stacy Tebo’s attorney, said he was against the continuance because all e-mails and paperwork were forwarded to Attorney Hurman well prior to the new charges.

Rhett Bullard went into quack quack rapid antics saying that would not be acceptable in any way.   Councilman Jefferson said we have waited for months and there should have been enough time.

Later in the hearing it was brought forward that not all the e-mails were forwarded to Attorney Herron.  An E-mail whereby Stacy Tebo appointed Helen Miller as the TOWS HOPE administrator  was not included but fortunately Helen Miller retrieved copies establishing Stacy Tebo’s request.

As the HOPE administrator through the Hamilton County School Board, Dr. Miller was approved by TOWS and did nothing wrong.  The conditions were set up by the benefactor for the benefit of White Spring youth. If the money had not been received immediately so payroll could be accomplished, why didn’t the Town contact Dr. Miller to secure the money, or the Town Manager, herself could have contacted Hamilton County rather than having Mrs. Tomlinson just refuse to issue a check and blame Dr. Miller for the lack of funds?  It is not as though Stacy Tebo provides monthly financial reports to the Council as her contract requires so how would one know if a check came in or not.

Of course when Pam Tomlinson was asked about the requests she laughed and said she was happy that she did not have to do the payroll because it was less work for her.  That is why she sat on the Jewett Street payment to Hamilton County for two years and made the excuse that she did not have an invoice which in fact she did have one for two yearsShe also mentioned that she thought Hamilton County was doing the job for free.  The money had already been spent and first interim manager Heath and then Tebo had to call in the county to help with the accounting.  Stacy Tebo obviously lied on her resume’.  Then we had to take $55,000 to pay Hamilton County because the money we received from FEMA and another source had been spent up to the $55,000.  Our Financial Director definitely is incompetent.

This shows the lack of efficiency but really the fact that there are no procedures and a Manager who locks herself in her office all day doing what, I don’t know?   Yet I am certain she and Tomlinson do very little work.  When the three clowns and Stacy decided to get rid of Dr. Miller, we were told that they worked on the project for two weeks trying to find something to accuse Dr. Miller for.  And, subsequently, after meeting with Attorney Elkind, they had further charges which probably took them another two weeks and then research as to how they could make certain they could remove Dr. Helen Miller who appreciates efficiency.  Let’s face it, going back to DeBary, Ms. Tebo had paperwork in her office from 1999.  She began with TOWS two years and a month or two ago.  Yet even though Mayor Bullard protects her at every instance, she was not responsible for the lighting and signs which she was accredited for by Bullard. What does she do behind closed doors when she won’t even talk to Citizens, I surely do not know. She mentions some things to the council but barely explains where the money is coming from and the council votes on very little and they should have voted immediately on the pre-used fire truck.

When Tracy Rodriquenz was asked  if she would assist any council member who asked for her assistance, she said of course, she would assist anyone.  However, either she had a memory lapse or did not intend to be truthfully initially, she stated only Helen Miller had requested anything from her.  That led to Walter McKenzie stipulating he had requested something from her relating to the Bike Club and then Tonja Brown admitted something about hot dogs.  It was stated that if a council person may not ask for assistance from the Staff or from the Town Manager, then  everyone should be ousted from the Council.   Well I am certain the three clowns will ask whatever they want and get it and to hell with everyone else.  Soon they will have to try and remove Walter McKenzie because they cannot handle anyone who would question them.   They are followers themselves because it is evident they are not leaders like Dr. Miller so they cannot have intellect of any kind (like Anita Rivers) working as staff or on the council.  They prefer yes men and women.

When Attorney Herron elected to bring forth information from DeBary whereby Ms. Tebo did not provide all the e-mails requested by her Town Manager or she sanitized them.  She also attempted to have her Manager Terminated by discussions with the council.   Rhett Bullard, the laughable Mayor and lawyer who does not understand the law objected to this line of conversation.  As if he knows everything and had the right to comment on Mark Herron’s defense, Rhett Bullard said that was unnecessary but a “ good legal ploy”.   Yet Attorney Hurman was finally allowed to show similarities of what happened in DeBary is now happening in White Springs to councilwoman and former Mayor Helen Miller.  Of course Mark Herron ignored the idiotic comment which was childish in the least.

Attorney Herron also brought forth the prohibitions relating to the Lake City FL Charter and the Tallahassee FL Charter.  The White Springs Charter does not include prohibitions like the following, which allows council members to make requests, as Helen Miller has.   However after two years they end up with four complaints.

LAKE CITY CHARTER PROHIBITIONS  303.(C)  Except for the purpose of inquiries and investigations, the council or its members shall deal with city officers and employees, who are subject to the direction and supervision of the manager, solely through the manager, and neither the council nor its members shall give orders to any such officer or employee, either publicly or privately.


Neither the commission nor any member thereof shall give orders to, nor make demands of, any of the subordinates of any appointed city official either publicly or privately.  Any such dictation, orders, demands or other interference upon the part of a member of the city commission with the administration of the city shall constitute grounds for removal of office.

It used to be that we could not question council decisions but now certain council members are no longer allowed to speak to staff or to the Town Manager. And furthermore no matter what petitions you sign or what complaints are being made, as a citizen you have no right to complain.

Again, Joe Griffin has listed our Charter prohibitions on the blog and you may see for yourself, there are no such prohibitions.  Lake City requires the council members to deal solely through the manager.  That would not work in White Springs because our manager is not available and especially since she has stated verbally in this hearing and in the under oath statements in Anita River’s investigation that she dislikes Helen Miller and does not listen to anything Helen Miller had to say since advice was given on an employee who is noted to not efficiently perform her job.  They ignore Walter McKenzie.

Insofar as Tallahassee and Lake City; both are larger Towns and the Administrators and appointed City officials do their jobs by providing information to the council members in writing, which is more than Stacy Tebo does even though she is required by contract to provide monthly financials so the  council members are aware of what is happening.  Yet, what’s the use?  In White Springs, Rhett Bullard does not have the capacity to read financials and certainly Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson probably do not know what is being required.  After all, none knew about the Charter, until Helen Miller explained to Willie Jefferson what it was, after a meeting.  None follow the law which the Charter stipulates, whether it be the US constitution or the FL constitution.   Furthermore, when Joe Griffin has brought up complaints pertaining to the Charter, he was told by Rhett Bullard that he, Griffin, was just looking for attention and obviously had never read the charter.  But when charging Helen with violations, he stated he was following the Charter.   What a joke indeed.

It also may be Dr. Miller’s request to hear all complaints that added to the distain of Bullard, Tebo, Brown and Jefferson.  One may not hear complaints or respond to them.

One of the COMPLAINTS, which was thrown out related to Dr. Miller contacting the Town Clerk and instructing her to have the Town Manager come to her home in order to take photographs of Town trees, which had fallen and damage Dr. Miller’s fence.   I guess Helen Miller has no right as a council person nor as a citizen to complain about fallen trees and ask for the Town’s advice.  Our neighbor had called Stacy Tebo to complain about the condition of three houses and Stacy Tebo also told her that she, our neighbor, had to take photos herself because Ms. Tebo stated she had no idea where the houses were located even though they were across from our new park and she told our neighbor to get the addresses and photos.  Ms Tebo refused to assist our neighbor.  At least Bob Farley and Bill Lawrence went out of the office to respond to complaints. Tebo is above that with her MPA.

I am glad I am not related to these three incompetents nor the staff at White Springs, because it would embarrass me greatly and it has probably embarrassed Helen Miller who has represented this Town for years as well as in her various capacities with the Florida League of Cities as well as being President of the Suwannee League of Cities.


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