Sorry Tom, I stole your facebook Feed – Tom Corrected Me, I, Karin Misconstrued the Joke!

Although I misconstrued the joke on Tom’s facebook, there was a lady at the Post Office who was raving that we had such a great fire department and wanted some first responder stamps(which are no longer available).  Of course, I went into full gear and told her what a facade  it was and she was not the only one.  What can one do?   When Andrew’s truck was on the road to his dad, I had to tell two ladies on the south side that we did not have a fire department and they had difficulty believing it because Andrew was going back and forth.  I guess it still upsets me and will until Stith is fired.  Today, we saw Don Wilson wearing a first responder shirt.  Don was the only true firefighter of the former Stith Fire Department and he was responsible for saving our and Scott Gay’s property.
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  • Nathan Fry Why would you want to do that?? We have a great fire chief and so many responding firefighters……

    It was a joke he does not mean we have a fire department he was being sarcastic.

    • Thomas Brazil Nathan Fry im not trying to pick a fight im just trying to be truthful with people. I dont care who’s on the department as long as the job is getting done. As of right now the job is not getting done so something has to change i own a home in this town an i am afraid that there will be no one there to protect it thats all im saying.
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  • Jason Hudson I been saying the same thing. Bring um back
  • Peter Shanks Bringing em back is the easy part. Getting an entirely new town council and effective leadership well that’s another story.
    • Thomas Brazil Peter Shanks hopefully with this election coming up we will finally get the right people in to do the job. We have to get people out to vote ones who want to make a change not ones who want to keep the same old crap going.
    • Peter Shanks I agree 100 %

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