Some General Information on Special Events Insurance taken from my Book, The Savvy Businesspersons Guide


Many clients who have facilities which may be rented or reserved or used for special events such as weddings, parties, concerts, sports affairs or even parades and community events may be required to provide a casino, a hotel, an apartment complex, a condominium association, lessor’s or a city, with evidence of insurance.   If coverage pertains to a wedding or anniversary reception or baby shower in a meeting room owned by an association or apartment complex owner, you may be able to secure coverage under your homeowner’s policy to add the owner as an additional insured.


However, in the case of utilizing public facilities or those of hotels or casinos, you may be required to provide a special events policy. These special events may include but are not limited beauty pageants, billiard or pool tournaments, bowling tournaments, athletic or sports events, concerts, trade conventions, festivals and celebrations, fishing tournaments, football games, hay rides, musical festivals and competitions and rodeos.


The special events policy will be written in your name and include the owner of the facility you are renting or leasing as an additional insured.  The policy shall also include the dates of the event and list the term under the policy as well as the specific location of the event.


A full description of all events must be provided to the underwriter who shall list each of these events under the declarations of covered event of your policy.


If liquor will be served, you must explain the details of how the liquor is being distributed or served, and who may be responsible for the license.  It may be that each is required to bring their own bottle and instead of hard liquor, perhaps only beer and wine may be served. If the hotel and casino or other public place is responsible or if independent contractors are responsible for the sale, distribution or serving of such liquor, their policies must include the owner or lessor as an additional insured or their operations may already be included as part of the lessor’s coverage.  These are considerations to be determined when soliciting either the hotel, casino or convention staff or whether you may elect to hire an independent contractor. In any event, you shall be required to provide someone who is licensed to serve, sell or distribute liquor at such an event.


There must also be a description of the security provisions which may be provided at the event.  And, any such independent security firms shall include the Lessor and you as an Additional Insured under its policy.  You of course will be responsible for the payment of such security services.  And you should enter into a contractual arrangement with such security or other service providers to assure each shall hold you harmless for their individual performances.


Although the charges are usually based upon the estimated number of individuals who are in attendance per day,  there will be separate charges for any vendors or exhibitors at trade shows in shopping malls, convention or exhibition facilities where there are many such vendors and exhibitors.  That is the reason trade shows include numerous charges and services within their contract.  These insurance rates will also apply to each vendor or exhibitor as an additional insured under a sponsor’s policy.  However, many trade shows may require you list them as an additional insured under your general liability policy with respect to the specific event.  And, if it is acceptable to the insurer, you will not have to provide a special events policy.  The trade show, however, shall have to provide a special events policy adding the convention owner or exhibitor as the additional insured.


If there is a requirement to set up or take down decorations or booths, a separate charge shall also be made of the trade show and passed on to you as the exhibitor.


Since condominium associations are very concerned about their liability pertaining to host liquor liability and special events, it is suggested that if an individual may not include the association as an additional insured under the homeowners 6 form, that the individual secure a separate special event policy and make contractual arrangements for the selling, giving or distribution of liquor through a third party and for the inclusion of separate security personnel for which the individual throwing the event is responsible.  The rules pertaining to the use of a pool, and the type of serving-ware or beverage-ware to be utilized must be specified in the by-laws or amendments thereto or by separate rulings which apply to all and not only applying to a singular person or group to solicit discrimination.


 * * *


 It is noted the Town rents out the Community Center/Women’s club to others for events, but does not have a contract requiring insurance evidence from the lessees or what type of security will be provided or if off duty police officers could provide security for a price.



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