Runaway inflammation the culprit behind the virus – free cookbook and exercise

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We now know that runaway inflammation is the culprit behind the virus. We’ve all seen what happens when the virus sneaks into the lungs. It gets worse – recently, researchers discovered it can damage your heart muscle… and even slip into your brain, causing loss of smell and taste.

So, how do stop runaway inflammation from damaging your lungs, heart and brain? And how do you protect against the virus in the first place? By giving your immune system an “energy upgrade”.

Your immune system requires a TON of energy to fight the virus. Without enough energy, the virus wins and triggers runaway inflammation. So, it’s CRUCIAL to get your immune system the energy it needs.

And the #1 way to do that? By having a strong metabolism. Because your metabolism is what generates the energy to fuel a strong immune system. That helps to fight off the virus. And prevents inflammation from damaging your lungs, heart and brain. Strong metabolism = strong immune system.

That’s why we’ve decided to give away 30 days of free metabolism-strengthening workouts. The 45-second inflammation-fighting exercises burn fat AND boost immune strength.

Plus, we’re giving away 300 delicious recipes rich in immune-boosting nutrients that fight inflammation. They’re super easy to make, energize your metabolism AND help you burn fat faster.

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We’re giving this all away for free because we want to help. No strings attached. No credit card needed. Nothing. Just your willingness to join with us to help get life back to normal.

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