Our Thank’s to the “Watch”

for the exceptional article on COVID-19.

Even I broke my own rules yesterday when I went into the Dollar General without a scarf over my nose and mouth (I don’t have a mask) and although I retained social distancing, only a few did not and they could have been family; but when I arrived home, I washed immediately.  I always have been somewhat of a germophobe and meeting with a variety of clients daily in my business life probably caused part of it because that great handshake sealed the deal. My fear is that maybe I wash, but do they and where have those hands been? But today, we can’t shake hands or hug or any of the things we previously did and for all of us, it will take some time, even for those of us who are closet germohobes to follow more rules..

I have always used ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL AS A FACE AND HAND CLEANER.  In the old days, and I am old enough to remember what women did then, it was considered a beauty treatment to use alcohol because it closed one’s pores or restricted them for a young fresh look.  After all men’s after shaving solutions include alcohol and let’s face it most men look younger than some of the women their age. I appreciated the suggestion of an alcohol spray of contaminated items as it is something I had not thought of..  It won’t just be bathroom tissue that there will be a run on but isopropyl alcohol as well but it may save you.

This is a Serious Virus and I thank the Writers of the RHATT Watch for their research and the insight into how to disinfect one’s self.  It is better to take these precautions than to be a victim of the virus and ultimately die as a result.


And since I have retired I am a homebody and love it so the Stay Home portion has not bothered me….that is UNTIL I AM TOLD I MAY NOT LEAVE MY HOUSE FROM 11:00 PM TO 5:00 PM.  It works on one’s mind mentally, as if this is a police state and even though we are at war with a virus, I really feel I now am being restricted for the first time.  I DISLIKE THE CURFEW because I am used to staying up late and although most stores close at 11:00 pm, fuel stations do not and what if you craved ice cream or treats knowing not many will be there at that hour?  It’s a matter of Principle.  I do not like my liberties taken away from me.



Karin for the blog

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