Our Fake Fire Department may never get more than the $2500 per quarter base unless we get our former Chief and Firefighters back – Fire Stith

If you received a water bill, you will note Spencer C. Lofton Sr.’s letter of March 28, 2019.

It stated “Stacy and I have been working with the Hamilton County Commissioners to negotiate an amicable fire contract to assist those citizens outside the White Springs City limits with their emergency needs.  We are close to an agreement.  Please contact our County Commissioner Randy Ogburn to let him know your thoughts on him supporting our efforts.  He has been attempting to keep the issue on the agenda to work through a resolution.”

I realize it is politics but I am disappointed that Commissioner Ogburn has provided something to White Springs, which Jennings does not have.  I realize it is all about politics and elections but Jennings has to work for their $2,500 a quarter while White Springs can do nothing and collect that base.  Even in prior years, the Town received $17,000 but did not spend it on the Fire Department that is why it was such a mess and our former Chief Pittman and Tom Brazil had to do much of the work on their own.


We do not have a fire department; we do not have certified firefighters locally and insofar as training Steve Stith wouldn’t know what to do.  What I have noticed is that the contract seems a bit more stringent than the last one, other than giving White Springs a base.  And if we remain with this Fake Fire Department, that is all White Springs will get $10,000 a year of base and of course they will automatically get the $2,500 per quarter from October 1, 2018.


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