Our Congratulations to Tom Moore

Well the votes are in and although I do not have the results of the Charter Amendments, apparently the four year term was unanimously voted in.

Tonja Brown received 95 votes

Tom Moore received 89 votes

Arthur Natteal received 70 votes

Anita Rivers received 28 votes


When I contacted my adopted little sister, she told me that none of the African American voters wanted Tonja and she could not believe that Tonja got as many votes as she had.  I don’t believe many of the White Voters voted for her either because she is sickening, just like my little sister said…so there must be a lot of Brown, Green, Blue and yellow people voting for her.  I wonder how many votes Rhett Bullard had to buy for Tonja?  And I heard there were some residing out of Towners who voted as well.

We however can rest easy because we have a very good man in office who has done so much for the community and that is Tom Moore; so Thank you for voting him in.

Insofar as Arthur Natteal, he came by during the time they were still counting votes and charter amendments.  He called Joe and I out and said that we have been lying about him and he forgives us.  Perhaps Natteal should see what is written about him on the internet an if it relating to signs being kicked over, someone saw him do it, so if he feels he’s been wronged he needs to explain what was wrongly stated about him.

Earlier my little sister called and said others were saying Anita Rivers was Toast…the word she used because writing her name in would not allow her to be elected.  Now we know why Anita did not win because we know many wished her in office.  And by the way., for those who spread those lies relating to Anita being “Toast”, check out the 2018 Florida Statutes, specifically 99.093.  Yes, if people had not chickened out and listened to people who didn’t know what they were talking about, Anita could have qualified – within 30 days after the close of qualifying.

Yet there may be surprises in store for Tonja Brown.


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