October 2012 – This is why we did not support Spencer Lofton now or when he ran against Tom Moffses



Spencer “Sarge” Lofton has hit a new lowNot only did he use God’s Houses in the Black (African-American) communities for his political campaigning but he desecrated a holy place even further by lying in front of God.


Mr. Lofton apparently is fearful of not getting sufficient votes by running a clean campaign based upon his own record.  Mr. Lofton, instead has decided to play the race card and make fabrications about Tom Moffses in the House of GodPerhaps Mr. Lofton you should check your own slate.  Some of those very parishioners complained about your treatment of their children (i.e. slapping them, making them sit military style; not giving them the proper snacks allotted in the HOPE program, etc.)


Yet, in all fairness, we do not have written proof of these allegations but we do have copy of a letter from Hamilton County High School not recommending you for another term.  Why do you think you were not recommended?  If you were that good with children, why is it that you are still not there.   You obviously are living in the past Mr. Lofton and have no future plan.  Since you have been a puppet for some of the council , I am surprised they did not devise a plan for you.  It is apparent, you may only base what knowledge you have had from military training of young adults and never trying to be open to further education.  Coach and Weight Equipment Training…really!!!


No Mr. Lofton, Tom Moffses does not have to stoop to your level.  He has never uttered a bad word against you in our or anyone else’s presence.  Those who were brave enough to attend our meet and greet can vouch for that.


The fact that Tom Moffses is fair and honest  are some of many reasons why Joe Griffin and I have and continue to support him. It would not matter whether he was an alien with green or purple skin…the fact that he is CONCERNED ABOUT OUR CHILDREN AND WISHES FOR THEM TO HAVE OPPORTUNITIES YOU AND I MAY NOT HAVE HAD, IS SUFFICIENT REASON TO GIVE HIM OUR VOTE.   It isn’t even so much his educational background (Bachelor/Masters in Education), (which one would expect of someone running for Superintendent of Schools}, but the fact that Tom has a plan.


Where is your plan Mr. Lofton or is it just rhetoric and a pile of lies and poor me’s that can expel from that mouth, Sarge?   Anything printed on this blog about your background has been verified through your applications and other public files. 

 Why don’t you tell your constituents why you have NEVER sent your children to Schools in Hamilton County and why you yourself do not live in Hamilton County

The people voted Tom Moffses out  and placed in a new Superintendent who only has a 65% success ratio for students graduating instead of 100% like Tom Moffses.  Since Tom is doing well at this time, I will say it was your loss not to have elected Tom again.

Karin Fleischhaker (Griffin)

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