Willie Jefferson should be recalled because:

Misfeasance – He has voted to spend $7500 to provide a defense for the Town Manager when none was needed. Such spending was in violation of Florida Statute 112.313.

He has encouraged and allowed the Town Manager to continue her duties even though she is a self admitted user of a narcotic drug. When asked to provide the doctor’s prescription for this drug he delayed the production of said doctor’s prescription to the public contrary to FS 119.

He is completely clueless on sections of the Town Charter, most Town Ordinances and Roberts Rules of Order.

He allows the Mayor complete discretion on what is best for the citizens.

Malfeasance – He agreed with the decision without a Council vote to allow the expenditure of $25,950 of Taxpayer/Public funds to investigate a terminated town employee’s complaint. He voted to deny this complaint. No complaints are justified. This is a violation of the 14th Amendment.

Neglect of Duty – He fails to allow any evidence received from Citizens or the Law when deciding a vote. He prefers to not consider anything except how the Mayor wants the Council to vote. All Council votes are 3-2 with no wavering allowed by Jefferson. Imagine over 1000 votes and Willie has never once vote contrary to the Mayor’s wishes. Why not vote for Rhett Twice since Willie is a mirror of Rhett’s desires.

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