Natteal ran before only to take away votes so take his votes away – he’s not an asset to White Springs

Especially after the abusive situation with Ms. Werts, it is amazing that Arthur Natteal is still running.  But apparently it is hoped that no one may become aware of Natteal’s behavior prior to the election.  But he is so ignorant, he did not even sign his petition…wow…and Richard Marshall was eliminated because there was no date on a new form that had only been used that year…so what a sham.  You can see only the perspective and actual “Gang of Thugs” get breaks.

But let’s look at the last election.  Arthur Natteal and Shonda Werts were at the Library as Joe and I were, awaiting the door to open and the winners of the election posted.  In our discussions which related only to a young child which truly had a bad life and anything but politics, finally the door was open and the names posted.   Before Joe and I could look at the list you could hear the sighs of despair, especially when it was mentioned that Willie Jefferson lost and Helen Miller won.   

Then I said, well maybe next time Arthur.  He then made it clear to me that it was not his intent to win nor did he expect to win and that he did what he did as part of the plan.  Really, Arthur Natteal may have told me, instead of pitter-pattering around, that Rhett Bullard and Willie Jefferson wished for Arthur Natteal not to win at the time, but to take votes away from Helen Miller.  

Now because Rhett is not running Arthur has to run because they really want a full “Gang” to operate the White Springs Council which means they will continually embezzle money for the “Cousins”, deny you a functional and valid Fire Department; continue with a neutered police department and take every right they possibly can from you including your “Freedom of Speech” and “Right to Assembly”.

What Rhett and his Thugs do not realize is that had Helen Miller lost the election, she would have won her Appellate Court Case  because what you did to her was damage her reputation and one of the judges stipulated its importance.  But it is of my opinion that the other two realized it had not hurt her reputation because she again was re-elected.  So if Arthur would have taken enough votes away, Rhett and the Town would have owed Miller a large sum of money…but of course, I really never felt the thugs were that smart to begin with.  And we the Town had to pay for the Town Manager’s Attorney Fees.  Another way to steal money from the Taxpayers.

So don’t waste your time on Natteal who has no idea how to plan or do anything, except to talk a lot, like Spencer Lofton, but have others do things for him because he is incapable.  Like or not like Shonda Werts, she was probably more intelligent and more organized than Natteal and he certainly blew that relationship down the toilet.  He couldn’t even remember to sign his own name on the petition which in Pam Tomlinson’s and Stacy Tebo’s rulings, he should have been eliminated in the first place.  In fact he provided 17 petitions and was lucky 15 went through because two were invalid.  He can’t even read voter listings or figure out which votes are valid and he wants to be voted in as an official of White Springs.


Vote for Tom Moore and “Write-In” Anita Rivers.  We don’t need Tonja back on the council because not only is she disliked by those on the East End of Mill but the majority said they never voted for her and she should have lost…but of course Rhett made certain the Votes were stolen from Tom Moore.  I know this first hand especially when I walked into the Polling place, everyone was quiet and it seemed Pam and Stacy were doing something with the ballots while Rhett’s face turned Crimson.  Tonja has done nothing for her neighborhood, much less for any of the Citizens of White Springs and I don’t believe she can read or understand most verbiage. 


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