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BREAKING: Famous Trump Enemy DIES… Trump Alerted

He’s dead.

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BREAKING: Don Trump Jr. INDICTMENT Announcement – It’s Not Over

This is just the beginning.

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A Trump mutiny? Republican #NeverTrumpers consider primary challenge »
A Trump mutiny? Republican #NeverTrumpers consider primary challengeGiven President Trump’s irredeemable penchant for controversy and a myriad of political and criminal investigations — probes that extend beyond Robert S. Mueller’s inquiry — several potential rivals are eyeing a primary challenge. More »

JUST IN: Nancy Pelosi Shock DEFEAT – Democrats Stunned

Oh wow.

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Breaking news from Wired Conservative

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US Military To Shoot Down North Korean Missiles!

CBS News Celebrates Human Traffickers as People “Helping Migrants”

Smuggler Leads Border Patrol on High-Speed Chase with Illegals Locked in His Trunk

Yeah, That’s Not How That Works: Pope Claims Border Wall Will Make Americans Prisoners

Wave of Hate-Crime Hoaxes Stokes Panic in Portland

CNN Refuses To Show Hillary’s Secret Revenge!

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BREAKING: Bernie Sanders ENDS It – Biden Stunned

It’s over.

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Wired Conservative

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BREAKING: North Korea In Panic Over New U.S. Super Weapon

Former CIA Director & Collusion Kook Brennan Holds Secret Meeting with Democrats

“Mother of All Caravans” Forms in Honduras – 20,000 and Growing Fast

BBC to Pay Damages to Ukrainian President Over Fake Claims He Met with Michael Cohen

National Guard Changes Logo Due to Failure of American Education System

$3 Stock Turns Into Millions?

NKorea In Panic – US Army Reveals Secret Weapon

Ben Carson News
President Donald Trump on Thursday said the U.S. economy was very strong despite what he said were “destructive actions” taken by the U.S. Federal Reserve, his latest attack on the nation’s independent central bank.

“Despite the unnecessary and destructive actions taken by the Fed, the Economy is looking very strong, the China and USMCA deals are moving along nicely, there is little or no Inflation, and USA optimism is very high!,” Trump tweeted.
Special: Dr. Crandall Saved His Own Heart With This

USMCA is Trump’s designation for a trade pact between the United States, Mexico, and Canada that would replace the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Several Fed officials have touted the underlying strength of the U.S. economy in recent remarks, arguing that a spate of weak data is likely to prove fleeting. None have said they back a rate cut.

Breaking news from Wired Conservative

The Latest Headlines…
Have Energy At Any Age!

Jussie Smollett Supporters Clash with Chicago Police Outside Corrupt Prosecutor’s Office

Radioactive Fukushima Particles Found in Alaska’s Bering Strait

Surprise! $15 Minimum Wage is Killing NYC Restaurant Jobs

Clueless: College Chancellor Complains About “Taxing the Poor,” Then Hikes Student Parking Fees 150%Move To An IRA In Gold Or Silver!

BREAKING: Supreme Court RETIREMENT Decision…

It’s not what you think.

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BREAKING: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez STUNNED – It’s Over


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JUST IN: Dead Body Found – Kamala Harris Is Stunned…

This is MURDER.

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BREAKING: Ben Carson Makes Shock ON AIR Announcement

Big news.

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BREAKING: Tragedy Strikes – Joe Biden Has Reportedly Been…

Oh my gosh.

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Ben Carson NewsBen Carson News
Dear Carson News Reader,

Mike Huckabee, the former presidential candidate and Fox News commentator, is urging Christians and people of all faiths to get and read David Horowitz’s new bestseller Dark Agenda: The War Against Christian America.

Recently, Mike featured David and his book on his hit TBN show Huckabee.

Mike told his audience that Dark Agenda is the “most compelling defense of Christianity” that he has read, noting that David is a prominent Jew who is speaking out.

Here’s what Mike Huckabee said:

• “One of the things you spoke so eloquently about in Dark Agenda is the need to fight back on issues where we lost our religious liberty.”

• “You are one of the most, if not THE most articulate and scholarly person I know in this country who has lived a spectrum of life in that way.”

• “Be sure to read the book Dark Agenda — it is a sobering warning about the rising efforts to destroy America’s spiritual foundation.”

David Horowitz said the current rise of socialism in the Democratic Party is really a disguised effort to destroy Christianity and undermine President Trump’s agenda.

“America could have only been created by Christians,” Horowitz said, warning that sweeping away the nation’s Christian foundations will pave the way for all of our freedoms to be threatened.

“The left hates Christians because they hate America,” Horowitz explained.

Dark Agenda, already a #1 Amazon bestseller, reveals the shocking attempts by the left to discredit Christianity — partly as an effort to undermine President Trump.

Both Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson recently joined Mike Huckabee in endorsing Dark Agenda.

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