My thoughts on the DeBary issue as it fits with White Springs

This suit by Tebo may finally come to a conclusion shortly and as I anticipate, she does not have legal ground to stand on.

When she made up her EEOC claim it was such a convoluted mess that it was difficult even for the attorneys to figure out what she was complaining about.  She did not complain about her constitutional activities taking a hit by adverse employment issues but spoke about everyone else, thinking that is the manner in which H.R. is handled.  But most of all, this EEOC claim was made to force her City Manager to leave his employment with the City of DeBary and it did not work.

When the EEOC told her she could sue, she should have realized it was a standard letter stating the EEOC did not find sufficient legal standing but Stacy Tebo could secure the advice of an attorney.   Stacy then felt she had a good chance and spent all this money on an attorney so that they would conclude that she was insubordinate and disloyal.   She basically disrupted the workplace more than a bull in a china shop and was relentless to get money and get her job back.

I really believe Stacy Tebo needs psychiatric assistance.   I think her abuse of opioids has caused major problems in her handling of the DeBary job as well as the White Springs job.

Now she has applied toward the Manager position in Lake City and I am certain since Rhett Bullard handles the Town Attorney duties for Jasper, she will apply there as well.

Her only opportunity for getting ahead in a legal situation is if she turns evidence on Rhett Bullard, Pam Tomlinson and Andrew Greene by stating the “Power of Three” forced her to fire Anita Rivers, Oust Helen Miller from her seat on the council, forced our great Firechief Pittman and our firefighters out because she was told to do so and that she has evidence that PD Chief Rodriquenz has not followed the law and has hidden information on juvenile rape, drugs and the like.  She could state how she was told to retaliate against Joe Griffin and Karin Griffin and not assist the citizens of White Springs for fear she would be fired and she needed her current job even though she would prefer being a Town clerk.

Yes, I believe Ms. Tebo gets at least five Pinocchios for her constant lies.  She was even naive enough to tell Honorable Judge Scaff that I should be added at the last moment to be included in the Injunction.  I agree with Rhett Bullard on one issue “Stacy Tebo is not an attorney” but the truth of the matter stretches farther in that she apparently does not have the logic or morals to understand right or wrong.


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