I’m terribly sorry that I think the two of you are frauds, flakes and uneducated (read dumber than a stump) It’s got nothing to do with being black although I firmly believe that that is the crutch you use whenever someone calls you on your fraudness, your flakiness and your dumbness.

But that’s okay Tonja and Arthur say. I don’t want and need your support. Good, because it is not forthcoming.

Arthur is a fraud because he pretends to be a Christian and then, if rumor has it as true, that he whipped up on Shonda Werts, his erstwhile girlfriend. The beating was so bad, according to the rumor, that she had to move out of town, reportedly to St. Augustine. He claims to be a “Student of the Scriptures” but misquotes a 12 Step program step as the scripture. How dumb can on minister be? He has, by my estimation, no honor nor faith in his position. He claims to want what is best for White Springs and even once invited me on his Radio show about town comings and goings. I agreed with one caveat. That being that I was not going to be his punching bag for his concerns about my being. I said to him, I could take whatever the audience questioned me on, good bad or indifferent, but I wasn’t going to be a shill for his own sense of ethics. Needless to say the so called Christian and White Springs do gooder never replied to my agreement to go on his radio show. But Rhett and now Spencer go on his show regularly. Rhett, is rumors are true, is a pedophile and Spencer like Arthur is dumber than a stump. While Rhett has a Doctorate in Legal Studies and is a member of the Florida Bar it is believed that he won’t be for long because the Ethics Committee is coming to town. Back to Arthur. He drove by my house one day, a day that I had heard from the Ethics Inspector who said he was coming to White Springs. I told Arthur, he called me sick and perverted and drove away in a flash never to speak to me again. His loss. No I can’t and I hope none of my readers in town can support his bid to become Rhett’s replacement on the Council. He probably has an IQ 75% of Rhett’s making his base line ability to comprehend somewhere south of the average person.

And speaking of someone who is dumber that the average person we’ll now talk a bit about Tonja. It is reported that she once gave a lecture to school kids where she is to have said “I don’t have any education and I’m getting along just fine.” That’s Tonja in a nutshell. Too dumb to know anything much less that for the last 150 years leaders, both Black and White have told us that the way out of dumbness is through education. Despite having had more opportunities that the average person she still feels that Education is NOT the key to racial equality. She is a welfare queen and won’t address the truth when someone showed her the truth. She’d rather “go along to get along”. Not once in the five years that Rhett was on the Council, not once, did she vote contrary to Rhett’s vote. What makes this scary is that who will she follow now, her erstwhile romantic interest Spencer or the I don’t have a GED Arthur. Of course the military says Spencer doesn’t have a GED either. Imagine a council with no education at the leadership positions. We deserve Tonja and her stupidity and lack of knowledge and lack of reading skills.

No I just can’t abide by Tonja and Arthur being on the Town Council. Unless you are dumb just like Tonja and Arthur, there is a way out of this quandry. You simply “White Someone’s Name in ON your Ballot.” I don’t suggest Elmer Fudd or the Easter bunny, even though the IQ of the Council would go up compared to Tonja and Arthur, I suggest Anita Rivers. She is smarter that the two on the ballot candidates, she’s compassionate and speaks willingly to people who she feels are her reported enemies. She has the ability to reason and to put White Springs first ahead of her own personal desires. She can be a Bridge between the races in White Springs because of her compassion and knowledge.

Vote Write in candidate Anita Rivers and of course vote for the brightest of the candidates Tom Moore, a registered Nurse. I wish White Springs luck come Tuesday.

I’m sorry I’m so opinionated but three Masters degrees will do that to you. Oh yes, don’t vote for any of the Charter Amendments. They are all designed to take away your rights. More to come on this subject shortly.

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